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Industry along Rhine, production, farming, German trade show

Film | Accession Number: 1995.150.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2665 | Film ID: 950

Koblenz city scape from balcony. VLS down to long train, river, men. Statue of Wilhelm I with a horse, teenage boys at balcony, slow pan view. 00:02:10 Mostly empty courtyard of military fort, Festung Ehrenbreitstein. Workers on the banks of the Rhine River, LS, gray, crossing small wooden bridge. 00:03:05 Coca-Cola sign: "Hier stets eiskalt", boy drinking cola, CUs. Trucks, cars, CU "Krupp" on motor. Slow tug, long low boats rolling down river. 00:04:12 Scientist with microscope, lab with other workers, women and men in lab coats, making cameras, zoom lens, various MS and CU of workers at Leica factory in Wetzlar. 00:07:25 Long barge passing through bridge, barge going up river, hazy, bridge being pieced back together by tugs lining bridge, people crossing bridge. Near Cologne, rural scene with man. 00:09:26 Fisherman, hauling in fish, flipping onto floor of boat. Coal [factory in Koblenz]. Women picking fruit off low trees. CU, swastika patch on arm. Field of wheat stalks. 00:11:05 Three women in field picking flowers, walking down path. MS, back at flower room/warehouse. Milking goat. Power lines in LS. LS, hillside trees harvested/grown. "Kleine gaeste grosse Freude Melde Reine Freiplatzspende," various signs on Berlin city road with boy, girl. Men on bicycles. At riverside, cobblestone streets, cart/wagon, unloading logs. 00:13:50 INT trade show (Dusseldorf Exposition) of German goods, "BUNA" "Der Deutsche Kautschuk 1937" on wall. Businessmen inspect tires. Continental tires. "BUNA" Display of boots and gloves. Women at fabric display; various shots, demonstrations. "I.G. Farben industrie Aktiengesellschatt" on wall.

Event Date
Koblenz, Germany
Wetzlar, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
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Record last modified: 2018-11-27 10:56:07
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