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Eva Braun & family vacation; Hitler at Berghof

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 1994.119.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0940 | Film ID: 908

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    Eva Braun & family vacation; Hitler at Berghof


    Reel 6 of the private motion pictures Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).

    COLOR. Inside Eva Braun's house at Wasserburgerstrasse 12 in Munich. Eva's father Friedrich Braun tying string around trunk. Two men removing trunk and large duffel bag to truck. Eva walking towards camera with a film camera in her hands, which she's winding. Eva on tarmac of Munich airport greeting people, taking pictures. Eva and group getting on airplane, including Eva's mother, Franziska; her father, Friedrich; her sister, Ilse; and Anni Brandt, wife of Hitler's personal physician Dr. Karl Brandt. Plane "Grenzmark" (Focke-Wulf FW 200 Condor) with propellers running, pilot Hans Bauer (Hitler's personal pilot) tips his hat to camera. Looking out window as plane is in flight, and the group inside the plane.

    On holiday in Italy. Dusk views in Portofino, Hotel "Splendido." Ilse Braun on the beach. Street scenes, sea views, large cactus, caged birds on a balcony, small boats in harbor and two elderly women making lace. At Italian Riviera, girls posing, from left, Ilse Braun, Frau Anni Brandt and Franziska Braun. Pan, Riviera coastline to Portofino. At the beach, Franziska, Ilse, and Anni sitting on deck-chairs knitting. The three wading and swimming in the water. Eva running along the beach and doing gymnastics. Anni and Eva dive from rocks into the sea. In Rapallo, pan of fishing boats in the harbor. In the evening, views of the Mediterranean, beach, and Eva, Ilse, Franziska, and Anni playing in the surf. Eva and Anni swimming. Rapallo Fortress, pan across harbor. At Mt. Vesuvius, Franziska, Eva, Ilse and Anni posing. Molten lava, smoking Vesuvius. Eva poses for the camera. In Capri, view of the sea through the entrance to the Blue Grotto. Children pose for the camera in an Italian town. In Pompeii and Herculaneum, Italy, shots of a mosaic, stone columns, stone carved panels and two small statues. Views of Florence, bridge over the River Arno with the Palazzo Vecchio and the Cathedral in the BG, various views. Franziska and Anni walking towards the camera. More views of the city, including the Cathedral, River Arno and the Town Hall. All pose for the camera, including Anni, Ilse, and Franziska. Unidentified resort town in Italy, on the beach a peddler offers jewelry Eva, Anni, and Franziska sitting on deck chairs. Women looking at the camera, the group now includes Ilse. Pan across bay on the Italian coast. Eva, Anni, and Franziska in a rowboat, one dives from the boat into the sea. Marketplace and harbor of Italian town, small children playing at the water's edge. Italian coastline from a motorboat cruising along the coast, CU of Franziska and Ilse drinking wine from a bottle. The women buying lace. Ilse sitting in a monastery. Coastline, mermaid sculpture on rock in Copenhagen harbor. Panning shots around the city of Portofino, shots of a beach cafe. Rowboats and sailboats on the Mediterranean. Crowded beach, coastline, harbor. Man in a rowboat with large black dog. Women diving from a rock into the sea. Small dog barking at the water's edge. Horse wearing a straw hat.

    Title "Der Laufende Berg Aussenaufnahmen." Pan of snow covered Bavarian mountains. Unidentified actress walking towards camera. Eva Braun sitting with unidentified actress. Pan over snow covered Bavarian mountains. (Abrupt end of scene)

    Flight on "Grenzmark" back to Germany. Clouds from aircraft window. Shot of pilot Hans Baur. After the plane has landed (at Munich airport?), Anni, Franziska and Ilse disembark.

    At the Berghof, near Berchtesgaden, Germany, scenes on terrace with Hitler, Nicolaus von Below (Luftwaffe adjutant to Hitler), Frau von Below, Albert Bormann (Hitler's adjutant), Gustl Schulze-Cossens (SS Hauptsturmfuehrer). At roadside, Hitler with von Below, Martin Bormann (Reich Leader of the NSDAP), Frau von Below and Eva. On the terrace, Hitler talking with Martin Bormann. Profile of Hitler with mountains in BG. View of mountains. Group on terrace, Walter Hewel holding a camera (envoy between Hitler and von Ribbentrop), Dr. Theodor Morell (Hitler's personal doctor) and Ilse Braun in the BG, CUs of Albert Speer (Reichs Minister for Armaments and War Production), Albert Bormann, and Eva Braun. Hitler walks across the terrace and greets a group of women including Johanna Morell, Ilse Braun, Gerda Daranowski (Hitler's secretary), Fraulein Stork (friend of Wilhelm Brueckner). On the terrace are also Albert Bormann, Adolf Wagner (NSDAP Gauleiter for München-Oberbayern), Dr Theodor Morell, Hermann Esser (Secretary of State for Tourist Traffic with the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda) and Heinz Lorenz (representative of the Reichs Press). Hitler hands a letter to Martin Bormann. Hitler speaks with Hermann Esser and Albert Speer. Hitler goes inside the Berghof with Dr. Karl Brandt. Sitting on the terrace stone wall are (from left) Frau Daranowski (Hitler's secretary), Frau von Below, Fräulein Stork, and Johanna Morell. Hitler in conversation with Albert Bormann. Profile CU of Hitler. Heinrich Hoffmann (Hitler's personal photographer and Eva Braun's former employer) greets Hitler. Hitler with Martin Bormann, Heinrich Hoffmann and Johanna Morell. Group sitting on the terrace stone wall (from left) Fräulein Marion (friend of Eva Braun), Frau Daranowski, Frau von Below, Eva Braun, Fräulein Stork and Johanna Morell. Scenes on the terrace. CU, Hoffmann and Ilse, next to her is Adolf Wagner, followed by another shot of Hoffmann and behind him stands Esser holding his handkerchief in the air. Twilight shots of a couple walking in the mountains. Hoffmann(?) sitting on a wooden bench. Twilight shots of mountains and pine trees. Sitting on upholstered benches on the terrace are Eva Braun, Frau von Below, Adolf Wagner, Johanna Morell and Fräulein Marion. Two young Speer children sitting on a stone wall. Other shots of Speer children with Adolf Wagner in the BG. Eva leaning over a wooden rail. Speer children walking towards Hitler and giving him flowers.
    Event:  1940
    Florence, Italy
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Berchtesgaden, Germany
    Obersalzberg, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
    Camera Operator: Eva Braun

    Physical Details

    B&W / Color
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    Film Format
    • Master
    • Master 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Master 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Master 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Master 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
    • Preservation
    • Preservation 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Preservation 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Preservation 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large
      Preservation 908 Video: Betacam SP - color - NTSC - large

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    You do not require further permission from the Museum to access this archival media.
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    To the best of the Museum's knowledge, this material is in the public domain. You do not require further permission from the Museum to reproduce or use this material.

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    Administrative Notes

    Film Provenance
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum purchased this from the National Archives and Records Administration in September 1994.
    For identifications of individuals, check

    Parts of this record correspond to Imperial War Museum film GWY 1173; information based on Bundesarchiv identifications; production date given is c.1940.
    Copied From
    16mm; color
    Film Source
    United States. National Archives and Records Administration. Motion Picture Reference
    File Number
    Legacy Database File: 1844
    Source Archive Number: 242.2 R6
    Record last modified:
    2022-07-28 21:56:54
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