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Ghetto inhabitants, ruins, Germans, starving children

Film | Accession Number: 1992.265.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0577 | Film ID: 237

General shot of pedestrians; partially-destroyed buildings. Shots of individuals on the street. Fight on the street (among street vendors?). Shots of individuals on the street, including a young boy with sidelocks. Damaged buildings, German Luftwaffe officer smiles and waves at the camera. Street vendor selling stars. Close-ups of men and women.

01:02:18 Ghetto inhabitants (including children) mugging for camera, shot from a car with at least one German Luftwaffe officer. Shots of destroyed buildings. Shot of a man dressed in rags. Street vendors hold up bread and smile. VAR shots of people on street, balconies. Boy displays his sidelocks, view of him next to Germans in a car. Destroyed buildings. Women look down from balconies. Line of men forced to pose. Good pan of street vendors. Men posed for camera. Bombed out buildings.

01:05:40 Pan of large open marketplace, filled with vendors and customers. Closer shots of same. Various shots of activities and close-ups of people in market. A boy holds up a puppy. A man reads a poster affixed to a lamp post. 01:07:45 A Jewish man holding his papers tries to explain something to a man in an SA-type uniform and is slapped by the German. Two women, one with clearly visible armband, talk with a German officer. Shots of various destitute people made to pose in the street. Well-dressed man (German?) with a ghetto inhabitant. Many shots of poor people, people lying on the street, starving and sick children. A crying young girl attempts to rouse another girl who appears to be unconcious. Horse drawn tram. A cart with a body in it. A boy in the gutter. Views of people quickly walking by the nearly-dead and corpses; emaciated child eating a crust of bread, man collapsed on steps.

001:10:06 -- 01:11:29 blank screen.

01:11:30 Horse-drawn tram; cart with body in it; boy in gutter. New footage: Children begging and crying in the street. Barefoot man sitting by wall. Bombed out building. More children on the street. Pan around busy street with pedestrians, traffic, vendors. A woman and a man with a bandaged head in a horse-drawn carriage. German Wehrmacht ("Das Heer") officers in car. Poor children sitting on steps. A stone bench along wall, people selling things, sitting. Close-ups of starving people. Close-ups of starving and sick children on street, begging. Street sellers. Starving men. Bodies or sleeping people on street.

01:15:06 Men load coffins into a cart and push it down street. Brief shot of the hearse entering the cemetery. German Luftwaffe officer in the Jewish cemetery. Rear view of German Wehrmacht soldier in the cemetery, walking past graves. A Jew doffs his hat to the camerman as he passes. General shot of main avenue of cemetery with beggars. Open coffins with bodies in them are brought into the cemetery. Shots of morgue (?) with many people outside. German officers in a car are visible in one shot. Piles of coffins in the morgue. A coffin is brought out. The Jewish policeman pulls back the shroud, the camrea pans along the body. Brief shot of man in the market.

01:17:14 Unconfirmed footage of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: burning buildings shot from the "Aryan" side of the wall. People pass by the wall, building burning on other side. Reflection in a car side mirror.

Film Title
Warsaw Ghetto
Event:  1941-1943
Warsaw, Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Yivo Institute for Jewish Research
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:38:52
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