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Roma/Sinti in Berlin

Film | Accession Number: 1992.242.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0774 | Film ID: 508

Romani group in Berlin filmed by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in 1932. 00:00:40 Horse grazing near camp. Overhead shots of wagons, horses near by. Child in courtyard. 00:01:11 Woman washes child in wagon doorway. Children comb hair. CUs children. 00:01:42 Children play with banners. 00:02:04 Shots of wagons and horses, men with horse, slap hands. Men into wagons. 00:02:36 CU of woman. Wagon along road. Men drive off in cart. POV cart, leaving camp. 00:03:02 Berlin street, wagon. 00:03:18 Horse market. 00:04:01 Girl in wagon at market, CU. More horse market. 00:04:36 CU man, profile, boy with horse. 00:05:27 Woman stops pedestrians to read fortunes. 00:06:23 Man sells cloth on street. 00:07:07 General shots of Roma camp. 00:07:19 Men at beer garden, play cards. 00:08:19 Fight at the camp. More fighting. Agitated children, people running into wagon. 00:09:19 Good shot of woman walking, CU of man, woman at window. 00:09:35 Woman drags other woman out of caravan, they fight. Children in wagon, tease camera. Children fight. 00:10:23 Children mug for camera and play. 00:11:00 Family group, woman pushes man. 00:11:18 Good CU woman. Beer barrel. 00:11:33 Children walk out of store with milk can, along to camp. CUs of men. 00:12:00 Groups sitting at table, drinking. Children playing, dancing. More good CUs. 00:12:51 Adults dance, play music. 00:13:38 Woman does traditional looking dance. 00:14:12 Man performs a dance, woman joins. Intercut with CUs children watching or dancing. CUs musicians and girl dancing. Men dancing, all dance in group.

Event Date
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hattula Moholy-Nagy
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Record last modified: 2018-11-27 10:56:32
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