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March of Time -- outtakes -- American Embassy in Prague; "Rude Pravo"; Medical Teaching Mission

Film | Accession Number: 1994.119.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1006 | Film ID: 925

1150 P: Prague, Czechoslovakia. LS American Ambassador Laurence Steinhardt driving his car up to the Czech Palace entrance. LS Steinhardt and secretary, William Kugeman, walking in the lobby of the Palace going to Minister's office. LS Steinhardt and Kugeman walking in lobby of Czernin Palace. LS Mr. Jean Masaryck, Foreign Minister, who was reading Czech papers, stands up, goes to door, and welcomes Mr. Steinhardt. MS Steinhardt and Masaryck in office discussing the results of the elections. CU Steinhardt speaking and smoking. CU Masaryck listening, talking, and smoking. Shots of both men talking on the balcony of Czernin Place. In BG an old church and the cathedral Saint Vitus. LS entrance of American Embassy with Czech people waiting for their visas. MS people waiting. LS French Ambassador Mr. Dejean and his military attache Julien Flipo on terrace of Embassy in Prague. CU French Ambassador Mr. Dejean.

1150 Q: THE COMMUNIST PAPER "RUDE PRAVO," May 30, 1946. According to the dope sheet, "Rude Pravo" is Czechoslovakia's most important political newspaper. Here is shown the printing of the paper when it became known that Benes empowered Gottwald as the new Prime Minister to form his cabinet. CU of hand setting the printing in motion. CU of the first and last pages when the folding machine operates. MS an automatic machine takes the printed papers and carries them to the first floor. LS the printed and folded newspapers arrive at the first floor where men put them in parcels for their expedition. MS same. CU men putting the papers into heaps. Two shots, loading the cars wth printed papers for their distribution around the country. While presiding over a meeting of editors, Gustav Barech, chief editor of "rude Pravo," is advised that Gottwald (chairman of the Communist Party) is empowered by Benes to constitute the new cabinet. LS the Chief Editor talks to his collborators, places a telephone call, and announces that Gottwald will be the new Prime Minister. MS the same scene under Gottwald's direction. LS the same but as viewed from the other end of the editors' table.

1150 R: THE MEDICAL TEACHING MISSION AT PRAGUE. Dr. Erwin Kohn (the big man), Director of the Unitarian Service Committee's Medical Teaching Mission, and Major Peter Reid, Chief Medical Office of the UNRRA Mission, enter the headquarters of the Teaching Mission at Prague. Poster at the entrance in English and Czech reads "Unitarian..." LS American professors and doctors of the Medical Teaching Mission and Czech doctors listen to a lecture by Professor Gerrard from the Medical Teaching Mission at the amphitheatre of the hospital at Prague. The American professors and doctors are in the first row. Czech professor C. Charvat speaks after Professor Gerrard. On the wall are pictures of Benes and Stalin. LS Czech professor of pathology Mr. Sikl asks for more explanation. CU American professor Gerrard replies. LS Professor Joseph Charles Aub (American Medical Teaching Mission) and Czech doctors, namely Josef Charvat (chief of the third clinic at the Hospital at Prague), visiting patients. Professor Aub and Dr. Charvat at a patient's bed. MS and CU of Professor Aub at another patient's bed (Jan Pohl).

Event:  1946
Censor:  1946 (used 10/46)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:26
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