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Westerbork Deportation

Film | Accession Number: 1999.323.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2101 | Film ID: 2240

WS, train entering station. Rows of people with armbands "FK" [Fliegende Kolonne]. One of the women with the "FK" is Lenie Nijstad Cohen. Well-dressed Jews with Star of David on their coats on the platform, some getting bundles off the train. Soldiers checking documents. Guards with dogs. Another train (goods wagons) pulls into the station from which men wearing clogs get out, caps on their shaven heads. These are Jewish prisoners from Vught concentration camp being sent to Westerbork on punishment. LS, prisoners on platform. INTs, men with shaved heads (light on left), sharing bread. Men being interviewed by men and women, one of them has Star of David on her jacket, typing on typewriters. Men in wooden clogs, walking by. People with stars with bundles, others with "FK" armbands. Barracks can be seen in the background. Well-dressed men and women. Obvious confusion. Holding children. 01:08:30 MS, crowd in front of freight car. Preparations for the departure of the weekly deportation train from Westerbork. People wait on the platform for their turn to climb in. Two officers walk by. People wave goodbye from inside of train. Sick woman (Ms. Frouwke Kroon - 1882-1944) lying on a wooden cart being wheeled on train platform. 01:09:58 Sophia de Groot at far left of the door opening on train wagon #9, gesturing to someone on the platform. Farewell handshake. Boxes filled with food, cigarettes, provisions for the journey. WS, interior of the car with people sitting on floor. 01:10:30 White chalk sign on freight car's door "74 PERS." Sinti girl Settela Steinbach with head scarf (over shaved head), looking through slightly opened car door, May 19, 1944. Doors being closed by Jewish policeman and Westerbork camp inmate Hans Margules. Camp commander Albert Gemmeker walks alongside train, accompanied by his little dog and non-commissioned officers. They review documents. Part passenger train (on the way to Bergen-Belsen [Celle]) part freight train (on the way to Auschwitz) leaving the station at Westerbork. Visible train steam. Officers getting on train. People's faces and hands can be seen through small freight car windows. Long shots of train traveling.

01:13:56 WS, group of men with hammers, disassembling metal objects. Separating pieces from a huge pile of metal pieces. WS, hall with people working behind benches. Taking various machines apart, separating pieces into baskets and wooden barrels with signs: KUPFER, MESSING, ALUMINUM. Blacksmith, piles of pipes. Man w/Star of David on his coat is stripping wire. 01:28:11 WS, women separating wire, machine pressing, indoors.

Film Title
Event:  1944 May 19
Production:  1944
Westerbork, Netherlands
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:48
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