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Inauguration of Jewish Hospital

Film | Accession Number: 1990.493.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0115 | Film ID: 146

Opens with a number of intertitles, written in Romanian, describing the event. The inauguration of a Jewish Hospital on 1 September 1931. Men speak from a podium at the opening day activities. There are VS, panning the audience, made up of benefactors, etc. Many shots focus on the women in the audience, audience members stare directly at camera, often with a stern look. Each speaker is proceeded by an intertitle, giving their name, rank, affiliation with the hospital, etc. Some of the featured speakers are as follows: Dr. Iosif Sebestyen, President of the Hospital Committee; Dr. Sebestyen Josef, Rabbi Akiba Glasner performs the blessing; Prof. Dr. Hatiegan Iuliu represents the University, also Prof. Dr. Hatiegan Gula; Prof. Dr. Papilian; Prof. Dr. Sebastian Borne; Dr. Bornemissa Sebestyen; Dr. Andor Biro calls a group of young boys to the stage, they go. Then a young girl speaks, she was treated at the hospital. This is followed by more doctors' speeches. Intertitle mentions the marble tablet in which the donors' names are inscribed. CU of the tablet. There is Hebrew and Romanian script across the top of the tablet. List of names follows. Speeches are followed by a 'tour' of the building, the rooms are identified by the intertitles,as follows: INTs, mostly MSs, exam rooms, wash basins, corridors, stairwells, radiology department, lab, children's ward (CUs, children in their hospital beds), birthing room, operating room. INT, VS of the synagogue in the hospital. MCU, Dr. Sebestyen Jozef exiting the main entrance to the hospital, smiling and speaking to the cameraman. VS, EXT, doctors, in white coats, in couples, speaking to each other, intertitles ID these doctors. EXT, outside hospital's main entrance all doctors gather, pan of group, some nurses (female) are also visible in this shot.

Event:  1931 September 01
Cluj, Transylvania
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Arhiva Nationala de Filme
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:38:39
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