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March of Time -- outtakes -- Hungary: Munkacs, troops, Yiddish sign, National Front meeting

Film | Accession Number: 1997.134.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1155 | Film ID: 49

750 F: Count Pal Teleki in his office. Teleki was a Transylvanian aristocrat and geographer who was appointed premier by Horthy in 1920 and retired in 1921. He committed suicide in 1941. He is shown looking at maps at his desk. The next scene shows (from the dope sheet): "Andre Jaross, minister of Freed Regions." He is described as one of the youngest leaders of the "rather pro-Fascist" Magyar Elet organization. Jaross and another man stand at a desk and look at maps.

750 G: March/April 1939. Munkacs, Province of Ruthenia, Hungary. 04:34:25 LS, Munkacs showing Czech-built barracks, now occupied by Hungarian troops. 04:34:37 LS, Hungarian flag hoisted on Munkacs castle, now Hungarian barracks. Troops at attention. CU, flag. CU, Hungarian officer. LS, Czech pillboxes near Satoraljaujhely. 04:35:25 Peasant with oxen. Children writing "Justice" on pillbox. Gestelly, Hungary: LS, inscription on wall, "Justice for Hungary." 04:36:12 Szerencs, Hungary: Inscriptions on wall in small town. 04:37:17 Szerdaye, Province of Ruthenia, Hungary: Hungarian troops loafing in village. 04:37:35 Troops in front of building with Hebrew sign overhead. Various, including close view of two in uniform with sign in Hebrew. Soldier spreading wash on fence. Catholic Church and Greek Catholic Church in BG. Camouflaged kitchen and soldiers getting soup. 04:39:02 Ruthenian woman on road. Troops on road. Bridge guarded by Hungarian soldiers near Satoraljaujhely, former Czech border. Lumberman at work in Carpathian mountains. 04:40:27 LS, tree falling. 04:40:40 Timber in yard in Carpathian mountains.

750 H: 04:40:46: April 1939. Budapest, Hungary: VAR shots of Janos Sallo, leader of Nemzeti Front (National Front) at opening of anti-Bolshevik exhibition in Budapest. Sitting at table talking with followers, getting up, 04:41:31 giving Nazi salute. Man in civilian clothes is Deputy Mstolcesy. VAR shots of Kalman Hubay, leader of Hungarian Party. At desk in his office, looking at papers, signing papers, giving Nazi salute. [The armband he wears has what appears to be an Arrow Cross symbol]. Horse-drawn caravans.

Event:  March/April 1939
Munkacs, Czechoslovakia
Budapest, Hungary
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:57:22
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