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War Front; FDR speaks about Fifth Column

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3033 | Film ID: 2392

Universal Newsreel, Vol. 12, No. 879, Part 2. Release date, 05/27/1940.
According to UN Official Motion Picture Release:
12:35:09 Part 2A: "On the War Front" Milan, Italy. As war fever soars in Italy, Count Ciano, Il Duce's son-in-law and foreign secretary, appears before a huge throng of 100,000. Alexandria, Egypt. Ready to move the minute Italy enters the war, French and British warships stand guard, to protect the vital Empire life-line to India.
12:36:02 Part 2B: "On the War Front" Norway. Graphic scenes of a British naval attack at Narvik, with Nazi bombers trying to silence the warships' gun. The Polish destroyer "Grom" is struck by a heavy bomb and many of its crew killed.
12:37:10 Part 2C: "On the War Front" Wings of war and hate over France and Belgium. The Nazi invasion of "flame and sword" takes a deadly toll of lives and property. Hospitals are bombed. Churches crash in flames. And the growing lines of pitiful refugees are mute but graphic evidence of the horrors of the new total war.
12:40:22 Part 2D: "FDR Warns of Fifth Column" Washington, DC. President Roosevelt tells the United States that it must be on guard against enemy agents and spies. He warns against prejudices which might be exploited by Fifth Columnists and pleads for aid and for peace for the entire world. White House, LS, FDR: "Today's threat to our national security is the Trojan Horse, 5th column...spies, traitors...these forces are...poison...must not be allowed to spread."

Event Date
1940 May 27
Washington, DC, United States
Milan, Italy
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
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