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March of Time -- outtakes -- harbor, Elbe River; mines; Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad)

Film | Accession Number: 2000.210 | RG Number: RG-60.2154 | Film ID: 2245

Reel 47. 100 feet. Quays in Usti bay, passing barge marked N.D.B.E. Magdeburg]. Dissel tug marked Tabor Praha, sailing on the Elbe, countryside. Brensko, the Elbe frontier station between Czechoslovakia and Germany. Passengers from ferry coming up steps and showing passport to Czech customs officials. Reel 48. 100 feet. VS, Tabor steaming up the Elbe, also typical Sudeten village on the other side of the river with mountains in BG. Large barge used for exports being towed by the Tabor. Sign reads: O.B.S.L. Praha. Reel 44. 100 feet. Port of Usti on the Elbe river, the main port for exports to Germany en route to the U.S. The Elbe with a barge sailing on it, two bridges and view of the town. MS, Usti station with two trains leaving. Reel 45. 100 feet. MS, Elbe with harbor for barges with train passing. VS, views of Usti, with train and tram crossing bridges. Sign on barge reads: O.P.S.L. Praha. Train crossing a bridge in the BG. CU of sign on barge. Reel 46. 100 feet. Prow of barge with train passing on bridge. VS, sign on German barge, Hermann Miller Elster. Train loaded with Czech glass goods for New York, with boy on top of freight car, man below throwing rope to him. CU, crates read: "New York. Glass. Handle With Care. Made in Czechoslovakia." CU, Czech checking destinations on freight cars. Labels read: "Usti".

01:27:22 Can 43. 100 feet. Sudeten-Deutsche Party and Czech flags. Sign in two languages reads: "Karlsbad-Karl. Vary." Industrial part of the Sudeten, with a train arriving from an open mine loaded with coal in the FG, the electrical plant for supplying Prague and coal mine. Chimneys and mountains in the BG. Reel 44. 100 feet. Redvika mine near Most. LS, open mine with an excavator loading a train with coal, the engine of another train passing in the FG. VS of the same mine at slightly different angles. LS, industrial country in the Sudeten.

01:28:33 Reel 36. 100 feet. Mine head at Jachymov (the stone that radium is made of is mined here). Sudeten country near Jachymov. CU, coat of arms and sign in two languages at mine head. EXT, radium factory (Madame Curie worked here). Tobacco kiosk in Karlsbad, VS. Sign in two languages. Sign reads: "Kurhaus Steg--Lavka Uhazenskeho Domu," in FG on bridge Karlsbad with promenade and bath house in BG. German drinking water. Reel 37. 100 feet. German drinking water from spring. MS, spring with people getting mugs of Karlsbad water. Women talking on street corner, colonnade in BG. Street scene, sign "Do Prahy, Nach Prag." MS, hot water spring. Reel 38. 100 feet. Street scene near Karlsbad with Czech policeman in FG. People reading Sudeten papers in the street. Sudeten countryside, lake, fields, and mountains in BG, man passing along the road. Jachymov Market.

Event:  April 1-3, 1938
Bozi Dar, Czechoslovakia
Elbe River, Germany
Most, Czechoslovakia
Vejprty (Weipert), Czechoslovakia
Brensko, Czechoslovakia
Usti, Czechoslovakia
Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:41
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