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FDR's first inaugural

Film | Accession Number: 1992.259.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0446 | Film ID: 403

Universal Newsreel Vol. 5, No. 125, Part 1. Release date, 03/04/1933.
Presidential inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd president of the US) [first sound pictures ever shown of a presidential inauguration]. Shots include Roosevelt and Hoover riding, with congressional escort, down Pennsylvania Avenue; Mr. Roosevelt reciting the Oath of Office at the Capitol; the stirring inaugural address; the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Inaugural parade: Several scenes along Pennsylvania Ave. made from the street. Crowds; women and children sitting on curb; people on the roofs of houses; CU of crowds' faces. Pan follow Gov. Pinchot of Pennsylvania in car; Pan follow Gov. Moore of New Jersey in car; Pan follow Gov. Ritchie of Maryland in car. Several shots of Tammany Hall delegation; Al Smith walking. Mr. Curry on Smith's left. Crowds cheer Smith (receives ovation). Smith waves to President, as Tammany passes the court of honor, at the White House.
Universal Newsreel released the following text: "And here it is, the beginning of the greatest drama in American affairs--the creation of a new Chief Executive. According to time-honored custom, the retiring President and the President-elect ride together from the White House down the long and crowd-packed Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, where Roosevelt is to take the Oath of Office. Enthusiasm is at its height. Never was there such a joyful, jubilant, yelling, applauding inauguration crowd. Roosevelt is the nation's idol here today. The front of the Capitol is the scene of today's climax. The elaborate inaugural stands are filled with Judges, Senators, Congressmen, Foreign Diplomats, Governors and other dignitaries. Friends and opponents alike hail the inuaguration of Roosevelt. No President ever came into office with greater responsibilites, or with greater hopes. Thousands of Americans are here to cheer the birth of a new era in national affairs---a New Deal era, which is supposed to pull the country out of its chaos. The Hosts of Democracy are here, to celebrate the greatest party victory of all time. And now, everything is ready for the big moment. Chief Justice Hughes, of the United States Supreme Court, prepares to administer the Oath of Office to Franklin D. Roosevelt, making him the thirty-second President. And, Roosevelt is President. More power to you, President Roosevelt. The entire country's behind you, thrilled with hope and patriotism."

Event:  1933 March 04
Washington, DC, United States
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:37
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