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Pogroms, gold fillings, murders in Latvia and Lithuania described in Nuremberg Trial

Film | Accession Number: 1993.177.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2428 | Film ID: 2278

(Paris 443) War Crimes Trials, Nuremberg, Germany, November 21, December 13 & 14, 1945. RVs, Major Walsh, US prosecutor, reading original Nazi letters which describe pogroms and other actions taken against the Jews in Latvia and Lithuania. He further reads documentation on the removal of gold teeth and fillings from the mouths of Jews before their annihilation. "Actions," burning of synagogues, etc., in Riga and other areas. LS, courtroom, waiting. Reading of memo by SS Brigadefuehrer Stahlecker to Himmler (10/15/41) reporting a pogrom, "Aktion Gruppe" : "To our surprise, not easy at first, to set in motion an extensive pogrom against Jews. Lithuanians (in several days) killed several thousand... Jews made harmless in a similar way, set fire to synagogues..." In the Riga pogrom 400 Jews were killed. All synagogues destroyed. MS, Hess and other Nazi war criminals seated in stand. Cut to prosecuting attorney. Reads from documentation: "overhauling of vans...[because the gassing] doesn't work well in rainy weather." LS, courtroom. Jews had gold fillings, etc., removed or pulled out. This took place 1-2 hours before the "action." Account of how much gold had been taken. MCU, prosecuting attorney's back. LS, same as above.

Event:  November 21 and December 13-14, 1945
Nuremberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:49:50
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