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Antisemitic Campaign opens: Boycott, Bookburning

Film | Accession Number: 1998.191.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2445 | Film ID: 63

"Part 2: Acquiring Totalitarian Control of Germany, 1933-1935." Title: "Opening of the Official Anti-Semitic Campaign 1 April 1933" Minister for Public Enlightenment & Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, launches antisemitic campaign in Berlin Lustgarten. Original sound, Goering addresses a cheering crowd. Boycott of Jewish shops, Berlin. Crowds. SA men chant slogans from truck in the streets: "Germans, protect yourselves. Don't buy from the Jews." On doorway the sign with skull: "Achtung Juden". On closed stores the sign "Jude" painted on window. Party members put up signs, hold back crowds, and sing in the streets. A huge crowd yelling "Heil" as Goebbels speaks (shouts) re: the battle against Jews. Wide pan of the audience and Goebbels standing on a stage/balcony outdoors. Many SA men on a truck go through the streets with banners waving, shouting "Kauft nicht bei Juden." Crowd in front of a store where a Jewish star is being painted. "Achtung Juden" sign with death's head. Various shots of SA posting signs or wearing signs, crowds look on. The crowd chants together with SA men on truck, men on bicycles ride alongside holding onto truck. Natural sound.

01:23:30 Title: "Foreign Press Conference April 1933" Joseph Goebbels speaks. Goebbels and Hitler speak, med. wide shot, sync sound. LS, hall where conference is held. MCU, Hitler. MCU of Goebbels behind a podium, indoors: NS coming to party is a revolution, to save Germany from economic troubles. He sounds sane, calm, reading a speech from notes. Hitler at same podium, speaking seriously, non-excitedly, measured tones - re Nazi Party coming to power. MLS crowd in foreground, murals on wall behind. CU of Hitler. (This is longer than version on Film ID 5, Story 32)

01:25:33 Title: "The Burning of the Books 10 May 1933" Bookburning scenes in front of the university in Berlin, Opernplatz, books are tossed by students, SA men, others. Nighttime. Narrator says in German that students are gathering "un-German and immoral [undeutsch und unsittlich] books and burning them publically." Joseph Goebbels speech by the bonfire, sync sound. Declares this the end of Jewish domination of German intellectual life. Crowd, including SA men & others in uniform, sing after the speech; natural sound (tune of "Deutsch ist die Saar"). [Same scenes on Film ID 5. Quality of image & sound better on Film ID 5.]

01:28:34 Title: "Christening of New Great German Aircraft in Presence of Cabinet Members" Goebbels addresses the crowd which also sings a party song at the christening of a new great German aircraft in presence of Cabinet members. Goering officiates the launching of the "von Hindenburg". MS, Cabinet members. CU, back view, speech by Goebbels? at airfield. LS, aircraft. CU, Hindenburg and others in crowd. Cover removed from plane, bottle smashed on plane, name on plane revealed "von Hindenburg". LS, crowd heils in unison.

Title: "Reichstag Address on Disarmament 17 May 1933." LS, large swastika banner, backdrop behind podium. Hitler addresses seated Reichstag members.

Title: "Youth Meeting in Thuringia 18 June 1933." Hitler gets very worked up before a crowd of several hundred thousand. Hitler at outdoor rally of youths, screaming his speech and stabbing the air emphatically. Re: recruitment of millions. Long, wide pans of vast crowd; "heils" and Hitler above them on an elevated platform decorated with large swastikas.

Film Title
The Nazi Plan
Event:  1933
Production:  1945?
Berlin, Germany
Thuringia, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:28
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