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Polish army in Soviet Union; speech; Liberation of Vinnytsia

Film | Accession Number: 1995.147.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0879 | Film ID: 24

Titles: "Soviet newsreel / 19 / Moscow / April 1944 / Directed by L. Stepanovoy"/ "Michael Ivanovich Kalinin has served 25 years as head of the Soviet Supreme Court" MSs and CUs of Kalinin studying papers intently at a desk.

Title: "In the Polish army" ELS of mass of Polish soldiers standing at attention beneath raised flag. CU flag. LS small parade of sword bearing officers. CUs soldiers saluting. Audrey Vitos, Chairman of Council of Polish Patriots in USSR delivering speech: "Units of the Polish Army: together with troops of the Red Army... already at the gates of Poland. You are now going to fight for the freedom of Poland; you are going to wreak your revenge upon the Germans, to avenge the graves of Katyn and all the evil the Germans have done on earth..." Parade.

Titles: "Film-reporting from the frontlines"/ "In distant flight" 04:34:30 CU of book page depicting still of two men, under which reads: "Heroes of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant Colonel Pusep E.K. and Major Akkratov V.I." Lens pushes in on still as image dissolves into medium tracking shot of the two men walking and smiling. Various tracking shots of them walking through air field, accompanied by additional pilots. Long panning shot and additional coverage of planes being maintained and loaded with bombs. High-angle MS of pilots plotting out coordinates on map. CU spinning propeller. Tracking shot of plane lifting off. Various aerial shots taken from plane. Montage of pilots toggling switchs, hatches opening, bombs dropping. Plane landing and crew exiting.

04:38:08 Title: "Vinnytsia is liberated" CUs conversing soldiers. CU soldier's notepad on which he writes: "Germans have blown up the bridge." Shot dissolves to LS of soldiers walking amidst large pile of debris. ELS of destroyed bridge. Tracking shots of soldiers and civilians moving across river in boats. LS of tanks and cannons being moved across makeshift bridge. Montage of cannons firing and soldiers firing while advancing into field. Scrolling title: "Today, March 20th, armies of the Ukrainian front have seized the large regional industrial center Vinnytsia, thanks to a storm and a roundabout flanking maneuver" Foggy streets, buildings and abandoned vehicles of war-torn Vinnytsia. LS Civilans walking through streets. MS two woman reading newspaper together. Scrolling Title: "Today, March 20th, at 9:00, Moscow, on behalf of the native land honored(?) the valorous armies of 1st Ukrainian front, which seized the city of Vinnytsia, twenty artillery volleys from 224 instruments." ELS fireworks over cityscape of Moscow. Title: "End of Report"

Event:  1944 March 20
Production:  1944 April
Soviet Union
Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Moscow, Soviet Union
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:08
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