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NSDAP / SA and political activities

Film | Accession Number: 1994.121.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1187 | Film ID: 975

This propaganda documentary depicts the efforts of the NSDAP and SA to organize political activities. Special occasions indicated by intertitles include Hitler giving a speech in Alzey surrounded by mothers and children, the regional SA marching in plainclothes through Frankfurt/Main, a steamer trip of the NSDAP Wiesbaden on the Rhine, arrival in Caub, and SA marching through Caub.

07:11:06 Title cards read: "Zweiter Teil," "Der Kampf um Hessen," [The Fight for Hessen] and "Der Führer in Alzey" [The Leader in Alzey]. Nazi officials walk in step with each other down a path. People are lined up on both sides of the road and salute as they pass. Adolf Hitler walks behind them, followed by more officers. Hitler is surrounded by children and a woman from the crowd hands him flowers. He takes them, passes them to someone else and salutes. The children salute in return.

07:12:11 Panning shot across a massive crowd. Hitler and other officials are gathered on a balcony. Hitler stands before a large microphone and salutes as people sit and wait for the speech to begin. He speaks and makes enthusiastic hand gestures. Extreme WS of the crowd.

07:13:30 Title card states, "S.A. Frankfurt a.M. in Vilbel." Members of the regional SA march in a parade through the streets of Frankfurt am Main. They wear white shirts, ties, riding pants, and boots. Bystanders look at the camera and a few give the Nazi salute. Hitler Youth march and carry the Nazi flag.

07:14:58 Text reads, "Dampferfahrt der sgruppe? Wiesbaden" and "Hakenkreuz auf dem Rhein" [Swastika on the Rhine]. People stand together behind a wall that runs along the river. "Abfahrt in Biebrich" [Departure in Biebrich] Shots pan from people on shore to a large steam boat. Members of the NSDAP stand on the deck waving as the ship
pulls away from the dock. Swastikas are painted on different parts of the boat and Nazi flags fly from the upper level. View of ship passengers' arms raised in a Nazi salute and people on shore watching. Extreme WS of the vessel as it passes in front of the camera.

07:16:38 Title card, "Abfahrt in Eltville" [Departure in Eltville]. Several views of the steamer are shown as it travels down the Rhine River. Passengers wave handkerchiefs and raise their arms in a Nazi salute. A few officials stand on the uppermost level, while others are crowded on the first and second floors.

07:19:42 Text reads, "Ankunft in Caub" [Arrival in Caub]. Street view of civilians and soldiers in uniform walking towards the camera. Men and women salute as they pass. German flags fly from the surrounding buildings. "S.A. in Caub," states title card. Camera pans across rows of uniformed SA members. They salute in unison while standing at the foot of a statue of General Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.

07:20:38 "Unser der Sieg"

Event:  1931 February
Production:  1932
Wiesbaden, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Alzey, Germany
Kaub, Germany
Biebrich, Germany
Vilbel, Germany
Eltville, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:45
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