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Anti-Jewish propaganda film: Jewish education; religious observances

Film | Accession Number: 2001.359.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3292 | Film ID: 2503

A propaganda film declared as a "documentary film contribution about the problem of world Judaism," in which antisemitic stereotypes are disseminated by the Nazis, including scenes showing: Poland as a nesting place for Judaism; the comparison of Jews with rats; the difference between Jews and Aryans; "international crime"; "financial Judaism"; "assimilated Jews"; the Jewish influence on economics, culture, and politics; and Jewish religious practice with a portrayal of haggling and misused sacred Jewish texts.

Narrator: "To understand these customs, one must look more closely at the laws and teachings of the Jewish race." Scenes in a Yeshiva, shots of the schoolboys seated in their classroom reading aloud and listening to their teacher. Shots of young men and a Rabbi seated around a table in a Talmud school. Close-up shots of the faces of various young men. Narration: "The Rabbis, these masters of art and hypocrisy, are not peaceful theologians but political educators." Scenes in a large crowded synagogue (10 October 1939, Lodz, Poland - Moller notes that the synagogue was reopened for the day of October 10 and the prohibition on kosher slaughter was lifted for one day on the 11, so that Hippler could shoot these scenes). Various shots of Jewish men at prayer and (oo:53:03) a Cantor singing. Shots of two men seated in the pews, who are, according to the narrator, conducting business during the religious service. Shots of the Torah scroll. Panning shot over the congregation in the synagogue. The Torah scroll is taken to the pulpit. Unrolling of the Torah scroll. 00:55:21 More views over the congregation in the synagogue. The narrator claims to quote from various passages of the Torah over views of numerous Jewish men at prayer: "Kanaan advised his sons five things: loves one another, love thievery, love debauchery, hate your master and never speak the truth."

Jerusalem, Israel
Lodz [Litzmannstadt], Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv
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