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World War I scenes

Film | Accession Number: 2001.359.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3305 | Film ID: 2505A

Panning shot of destroyed buildings. People walking in the background. Soldiers wearing Prussian helmets run through a street. Some carry buckets and some are on horseback. Soldiers ride their horses up to a line of carts, to which they hitch the horses. Men in civilian clothes walk down a street. Some carry bundles. They are accompanined/guarded by soldiers and uniformed men wearing armbands with crosses (medical personnel). Soldiers look at trenches (from bombs?). Several horse-drawn carts bearing cross banners ride down a road. LS of soldiers running across a barren field. Some of them drop to their stomachs and aim their weapons. 00:31:54 Interior shot of three women preparing a large blanket or stretcher cover (?) out of newspapers and cloth. There is a poster with a red cross on the wall. MS of heavily bomb damaged buildings. Men in the foreground arrange sandbags. Two men walk down a muddy road. One of them slows to look at two dead horses by the side of the road. A chair lies in the road. Brief shot of men looking at a fast-flowing river.

00:34:12 A biplane takes off from a grass airfield. Soldiers with horse-drawn carts (field ambulances?) and more medical personnel. Biplanes and a zeppelin on an airfield. Two German officers exit a building with a black and white dog. More men arrive, including a man wearing a fur hat and an armband that reads "P." (press?). The same man (?) wearing the "P" armband but a different hat inspects fish with fish vendors in a market. A group of armed German navy men (?) cross a rubble-strewn street. Another shot of the badly damaged buildings and men with sandbags. 00:38:13 Nice shots of German soldiers making horseshoes in the open air. One man finishes a horseshoe and uses it to shoe a horse. Soldiers leading horses to a stable while other men camouflage a horse cart with tree branches. An officer eats a meal in an outdoor shelter. There is a sign reading "Major [illegible]" beside the shelter.

00:40:10 The fur-hatted man wearing the "P" armband talks to a man who appears to be setting type (?) outside a wooden shelter. These two men and one other look at newspapers. Brief shot of men in parade dress riding horses across a field. Several men wearing what appear to be hospital gowns play a game while seated at a card table. Another man wearing a "P" armband stands beside them and uniformed men stand in the background. Two women step into a car and are driven away. A crowd of men outside a building. Several wear Prussian helmets and one man wears a top hat. A crowd of uniformed men mill around outside a building. There is a sign in English in one window of the building: "Reading Room." Another window has a sign reading "Salon de Lecture" and another says "[illegible] Zimmer." Scenes from a harness race track. Horses pull carts around the track. Shots of the crowd. Back to the man setting type outside the shelter, then another shot of the officers outside the building with the black and white dog. The men pose for the camera and the dog runs out of the shot.

Event:  1914-1918
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:30
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