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Film | Accession Number: 2001.359.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3309 | Film ID: 2505B

Propaganda film about hygiene with good graphics. 01:31:31 Animated text is on fire and exclaims, "Aus Not Geboren!" A picture of a city is slowly covered with black smoke and overlying text refers to a nutrition problem. Title card states, "Abgeschlossen von Luft und Sonne verbringt der Großstädter sein dasein." Different apartment buildings and big city streets show crowded conditions. Men and women work in dirty factories (modern life). Text reads, "Das ist der Tag des Großstädters." [This is the day of the urban dweller]

01:33:02 An illustration shows how factory workers spend a majority of their time (from 6 am until 8 pm) indoors. Title cards read: "Die durch unsere heutige Lebensweise entstandenen," "Schaden mussen ausgeglichen warden!" "Durch:" and, "Körper pflege." [Personal hygiene] A man stands shirtless in front of a mirror and washes his hands in a water basin. He lathers his face and torso with soap, then rinses off under a shower.

01:35:15 Text states, "Leibesübungen." [Physical exercise/gymnastics] Rows of women wearing work out uniforms do stretches in unison. Men and women stand in circles and pass a large ball from one person to the next. The men wear shorts and the women are dressed in a two piece outfit. They run in a large group through the woods and towards the camera. City requires care of the body to balance, i.e., more hygiene for the Volk.

01:36:17 Text reads, "Genügend freizeit" [Enough free time] and "Aber nicht so." [But not so] Merging and overlying images show examples of people socializing, such as: gambling, drinking, dancing, and smoking. Title card states, "Sondern so" [Instead] and two people canoe on a peaceful lake. Boys walk outdoors, a man and woman wash pots in a stream and someone reads aloud to people sitting around a table.

01:37:02 Title card reads, "Wohnungshygiene." [House hygiene] WS of a large building. People sit on a patio, an elderly couple garden and children play in the yard as someone picks fruit from a tree. Text states, "Neue Schwierigkeiten entstehen, weil die Frau außerhäuslich tätig sein muß!" [New difficulties arise because the women must work outside the house] A woman kisses her two children on the head, waves goodbye and walks out of their flat. Once the door closes, the children begin to pull each other’s hair. Kids stand in an alley and appear to take bets. Women are shown working in factories and offices.

01:38:43 Title cards read, "Ausgleich der neuen Schaden durch:" and "Unterbrechung der Arbeitszeit durch GYMNASTIK." People walk around on the roof of a building. Women wearing bra tops and shorts exercise together. Text reads: "Den werdenden Müttern hilft die REICHS WOCHENHILFE," "6 wochen bezahlter urlaub," [6 weeks of maternity leave] and "Aufsicht und Anleitung der Kinder im KINDERGARTEN." [Supervision and guidance of children in Kindergarten] Children sit around a small table and play with blocks and puzzles as a teacher looks on. CU of little girl as she puts blocks in corresponding holes. One child wipes a table as another sweeps. They get cups with toothbrushes, brush their teeth, and wash their faces and hands.

01:41:00 "Die arbeitende Großstadt birgt Ernährungsprobleme," states title card. Men harvest wheat and cars pass on the city street. Text reads, "Die HYGIENE hilft sie lösen. Sie schafft den Großstädtern:" and CU of hands holding a jar of free milk. A woman pours milk into a pitcher and a sign above the counter says "Buttermilch." Text states, "Frisches, sauberes GEMÜSE und OBST." [Fresh, clean vegetables and fruits] CU of hands slicing a carrot and rinsing cauliflower. A girl polishes an apple, then takes a bite. Text states, "Einwandfreies FLEISCH," [Perfect meat] and women stand at a butcher’s counter waiting for their order.

01:42:30 Title card reads, "Das enge Zusammen = wohen der Großstädter vergrößert die Gefahr der SEUCHEN." Aerial shot of a city is has an image of flowing water superimposed over it. Title cards have blurred edges and side- scrolling text lists: "Grippe," [Flu] "Typhus," and "Tuberkulose." Overcrowding, danger of contagious diseases. A Red Cross symbol transitions into a shot of ambulances driving past the camera.

01:43:21 Text reads, "Den Erkrankten wird Schutz und Pflege zuteil im MODERNEN KRANKENHAUS." Panning shot of a large hospital building. Pan down hospital balconies showing nurses tending to patients outdoors. A boy sits up in bed as a doctor places a stethoscope to his back. A scientist transfers liquids from a dropper into test tubes. He places the liquid on a slide and inspects it under a microscope.

01:44:53 Title card states, "Wollen wir trotz größter Beanspruchung unserer Nerven stark bleiben dann mussen wir fur SEELISCHE HYGIENE sorgen!" (Refers to ensuring mental hygiene) An older businessman sits behind a desk and does several tasks at once. He talks on two different phones, signs papers and speaks to assistants. Title card reads, "SONST." A young business man stands smiling, but as shots of city streets are superimposed, he becomes increasingly distressed. A spiral appears, he falls, and text states, "Zusammenbruch." [Breakdown]

01:46:13 The all-seeing eye logo of the International Hygiene Exposition fades in, followed by a triangle with the text, "Rettung bringt uns die hygiene." Title card reads, "Die umfassende Darstellung der MODERNEN HYGIENE zeigt Ihnen die," and posters advertise, "International Hygiene Ausstellung, Dresden 1931." EXT German Hygiene Museum. Eye logo is seen with overlying text.

Production:  1930
Dresden, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of CineMedia Film AG
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:21:10
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