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Refugees, liberation, and an illegal ship (some staged)

Film | RG Number: RG-60.3362 | Film ID: 2284

This is a compilation reel, the title on the reel reads: "Jewish Life in Budapest", however, this title does not correspond to anything seen on the reel, except a few seconds of unidentified amateur footage, which may have been shot in Hungary. This footage contains a number of scenes from a fiction (staged) film, with Hebrew subtitles, that indicate the year as 1946 to 1948. There are also a number of scenes in concentration camps (staged or liberation: unable to confirm at time of record entry), scenes on boats, people fleeing, being captured, etc.

Shots from behind, crowds marching in streets with suitcases. Smaller group of men and women in forests, a child is helped up a snowy hill. Women helped aboard a boat (presumably to safety). LS of boat, crowded conditions. Boat moving, man with binoculars, hair blowing in the wind. Getting off boat at shoreline, walking away from the camera. Crowds in camp (Hebrew subtitle), some people with uniforms, sick, ill, leaving camp barracks, assisted with walking. Scrambling for food. Boys and men cooking at fire, eating, in dining hall. Women doing laundry. Men receiving soup at an indoor kitchen. CU, children. Cart with people moving through a village street (dirt road). CU, VAR shots of people in wagons (in transit), sad faces, half-sleeping. Sign reads HALTE ZONE D'OCCUPATION FRANCAISE (Hebrew subtitle). Soldiers inspect wagons with flashlights. Wagons/people moving with belongings on street, through town. Train with many people waving, hanging out the windows. Israeli flag waving out of one of the windows. Joyous. Headlights, water, at night. People with luggage boarding boat, helped onto boat with all belongings. Boat embarks. Float in the water, paddling. MCU passengers on crowded boat, look confused. Waves. Front of boat rocking on water. Passengers holding on. Painting banner with Hebrew lettering. Distributing food. Cold, inclement weather. Sick woman. Blankets. Women nursing babies. Man steering boat. LS boat on water. Slow pan, boat. HAS of crowd aboard boat. MCU faces. Raising flag on boat. Boat on water. Men climbing off sides onto a dock. Pan, people getting off boat. Men. Wounded escorted by soldiers off the boat. Some on litters. Baby carried on litter. Crowds of people at the dock, watching men and women getting on and off boat. Some appear to be mentally ill. Many civilians watch.

Event:  1946-1948
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Unknown Film Source
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:05
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