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March of Time -- outtakes -- Vichy deputies meet; Petain; S. American diplomats; main streets in Vichy; Minister of War at airport

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2998 | Film ID: 2385

811 C (04:28:36): (with Leblay camera) Meeting of the Comité d'Organisation du Parti Unique at Vichy. From left to right: Antoine Cayrel; Emmanuel Temple; Charles Spinasse; Gaston Bergery; Marcel Déat; Michel Brille; René Chateau; Remy Gousseau; Louis Deschizeaux; René Dommange; and standing Paul Saurin; Paul Rives. The men are all former deputies and the main chiefs are Marcel Déat and Gaston Bergery. Meetings are held in a small house, 83 Rue du Maréchal Pétain in Vichy. CUs and group shots of various members. 04:28:45 (with Leblay camera) Adrien Marquet, Minister of the Interior, in his office in the Casino de Vichy, talking to his chief of cabinet, Paul Dommange. General shot of the office. Marquet and Dommange talking. CU, Marquet. Marquet and Dommange talk. 04:29:41 (with Leblay) In his office at the Hotel du Parc, Marshal Pétain talks to a French peasant, Michel Bonnet, father of eight children, whose family lives exclusively on the farm's products. CUs Pétain (Bonnet is mainly off camera). 04:30:21 (with Eyemo, shot by Marcel Paulis) Pétain and the French peasant far left. CU, Pétain. 04:31:05 (with Leblay) Marshal Pétain visits the wounded at the Hôpital Radio in Vichy. He speaks directly to one man with dark hair. Cameraman shot sheets indicate that Pétain asks for the man's age. He responds, "I am 48, M. le Maréchal." Pétain: "But you are very badly wounded, my warmest congratulations." The man: "Alas, Mr. le Maréchal, it is not so glorious, it's a bicycle accident." Pétain: "Then don't ask me for the Croix de Guerre." The man: "No, M. le Maréchal, I had it during the last war."

811 H (04:31:38): Vichy, (with Leblay camera) Meeting of the diplomatic envoys of the Latin states of South America in Vichy, as they watch the developments of the political situation. There was a strong feeling that the Latin states in South America and Europe might play an important part when peace conditions were discussed. LS, interior, meeting, from left to right: Brazilian Minister Gonzales-Videla; Mexican Minister Luis Rodriguez; Brazilian Ambassador L.M. de Souza-Dantas, who presided over the meeting; Argentine Ambassador Miguel Angel Carcano; Uruguay Minister Cesar Guttierez. Same listening to Raoul Follereau, President of the League of Latin Union, who exposed the French point of view. 04:32:44 LS, ministers and ambassadors walking down the street, arriving at the meeting at a villa on Blvd. des Etats-Unis. The men entering and exiting the villa. Scene repeats with Raoul Follereau arriving and entering the building with the other men. 04:33:49 Papal Nuncio Mgr. Valerio Valeri and Spanish Ambassador Jose Lequerica at the "Maison des Missionnaires" in Vichy. Note: When France had to ask for an armistice, Ambassador Lequerica was an intermediary between the French and German governments and Nuncio Valeri played the same part between the French and Italian governments. LS, Valeri and Lequerica talking. CU, Valeri, Lequerica. LS, Valeri and Lequerica while official messages are brought to Valeri.

811 I (04:36:00): July 1940 (with Leblay camera) CUs, posters reading that Germans could pay in Reichmarks (printed when Vichy was occupied by the Germans). General views of two main streets of Vichy. General view of post office building taken from a balcony. Several cars stopped due to lack of gas in FG. Another view from the street, shows trenches and shelters. People eating in outdoor café. Newsman selling papers. Marcel Rebière (cameraman) with unidentified people, boy with Bouviere dog. 04:36:59 (Eyemo, shot by a freelancer who gave the roll to the cameramen free of charge). EXT shots of the terrace of the Casino de Vichy while the Assemblée Constituante meets on 10 July. Men walking outside.

811 J (04:37:42): July 1940 LS, Gen. Charles Huntziger, the newly appointed Minister of War (after Gen. Maxime Weygand), alighting from plane with swastika at the Vichy airport. HAS, Gen. Huntziger talking with officers and press. MS, Gen. Huntziger saying goodbye to German pilot. LS, Gen. Huntziger reviewing infantry men who present arms. LS, Gen. Huntziger leaving airport, talking with men. MS, Huntziger. LS, French plane landing and taxiing. NOTE: Gen. Huntziger has returned from Wiesbaden, Germany where he was the French delegate to the Armistice Committee.

Event:  July-August 1940
Vichy, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:32
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