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March of Time -- outtakes -- French youth organization training; crowds support Petain

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2999 | Film ID: 2385

811 K (04:40:13): July-August 1940 The Ministry of Family and Youth. LS, Minister Jean Ybarnegaray with his chief collaborators. From left to right: ex-Davis Cup player and Wimbledon champion Jean-Robert Borotra, Commissioner for Physical Education and Sports; Gen. d'Harcourt, General Secretary of the Ministry; Minister Jean Ybarnegaray; Serge Huard; Cortot. CU, Borotra and Ybarnegaray. CU, looking at the plans of a stadium. 04:41:05 The "Compagnons de France," the new French Youth organization, train the future leaders of their organization in a camp at Randan, near Vichy (Puy-le-Dome). LS, council meeting held twice a day to teach the future leaders their tasks. CUs, teacher with the traditional Basque beret, part of the uniform. Flag in BG. CUs, boys listening. CU flag, tents in BG. Boys marching in line. Different shots of physical training at Randan .

811 L (04:44:01): "Compagnons" at work. Boys running, bathing in a pond. LS, leaving camp with tools over their shoulders, going to work on uncultivated land. Various shots, farewell song of the "Compagnons" : they sing standing in a line, with arms crossed and hands linked, as symbol of union. Raising arms in unison. CU, leader. "Compagnons" going to work on uncultivated land, with tools. Various shots, boys at work. 04:46:51 Gen. de la Porte du Theil, president of the "Chantiers de la Jeunesse" - the camps where young men go who in ordinary circumstances would have accomplished military service - in Clermont at a track and field meet. MS, Gen. du Theil and Ybarnegaray, Minister for Family and Youth. Jean-Robert Borotra, Secretary General for Sports, and Marchand, Dean of Clermont University. CU, Ybarnegaray and Gen. de la Porte du Theil. LS, Michelin factory workers racing/exercising. 04:47:34 LS, façade of Pavillon Sévigné in Vichy, the residence of Marshal Pétain. Mme. de Sévigné is a famous French writer who used to stay there while in Vichy. CU, gate.

811 O (04:47:52): July 14, 1940 in Vichy, Mourning Day. CU, Marshal Pétain leaving his hotel and getting in the car. February 25, 1941 in Marseilles. Crowd gathered, waiting for Pétain. Pétain leaving Marseilles by car, driving through crowd. People waving. Woman with newspapers. Restaurant, poster of Pétain in BG. Sign: VIVE PÉTAIN! Woman selling flowers. Newsboy. CU, sign: VIVE PÉTAIN! MS, crowd in streets. CUs, posters of Pétain. Sign: VIVE PÉTAIN! Various shots of same. Another poster of Pétain. Crowd swearing allegiance to Pétain.

Event:  July-August 1940
Marseilles, France
Vichy, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:33
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