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Agro-Joint activity in Russia, Morris Troper's 1936 trip

Film | Accession Number: 2005.27.2 | RG Number: RG-60.3468 | Film ID: 2569

Morris Troper arrives in Simpferopol and enters a building with a sign reading "American Jewish Joint, Agricultural Corporation." Mr. Zaichek, the chief agronom, shows Troper the route he will travel on a map. He leaves for Jonkoi in a car. MS, Mr. Zaichek's son. MS, cow.

01:02:19 Pervomaysk colony. Pan, LS village with little white houses, farming. MCU, man with white beard and glasses. Man exits house, chickens, walking towards camera. CU, man. LS Modern school in Kalininsk.

01:04:27 Maxim Gorky colony. Pan, bare-chested boys, smiling for camera. LS, women bake bread in an outdoor oven. Herding sheep. Pan of commune. MCU, man with dowel, learning how to create a tool. Tractor. Men entering house in what appears to be another village. Looking at sign. HAS, village with white houses. Construction.

01:06:53 Panning shots of a Tartar settlement, passed on the way to Troper's next destination. Troper inspects glassmaking tools and equipment at the Biukonnlar colony. Shots of a combine or other farming equipment.

01:08:32 Jankoi, USSR. Men pull a large diameter pipe with a tractor. The directory of a factory, Mr. Rappaport, shows Troper the work tags of the factory employees. CU on factory guard. Slow pan of buildings and construction equipment.

Event:  1936
Production:  1936?
Soviet Union
Simferopol, Soviet Union
Pervomaysk, Soviet Union
Kalininsk, Soviet Union
Jankoi, Soviet Union
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Betty Troper Yager
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:57:00
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