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Events related to Babi Yar massacre; Einsatzgruppen in Ukraine; Nuremberg Trial; Auschwitz

Film | Accession Number: 2001.355.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3167 | Film ID: 2489

The following clips are not directly related to each other. Includes scenes purported to be of Babi Yar in the ravine area where German troops and a large group of people are herded forward at gunpoint.

00:45:13 (silent) Burning houses. CUs of people killed at the burning houses. CUs of SS-Galicia unit soldiers. German soldiers executing men by hanging. CU of a high-ranking Nazi officer accepting bread. Soldier receives an award. CUs of Ukrainian collaborators being greeted by a German soldier. Street sign: "Polizeiweg". CU, photo of a German police unit.

00:46:20 CUs, German soldiers shooting people who are already wounded and lying on the ground; LSs, site of the killings; CUs still photos of those killed by Germans - very poor visual quality from the stills.

Translation of Russian narration: "This is a German trophy newsreel. To suppress the city of Kherson, fascists sent a special pursuit unit, Einsatzgruppe B. Nevertheless, the atrocities of the occupants did not intimidate Kherson."

00:46:33 CU woman sitting with a destroyed building in the BG. CU dead man's face. CU of two women kneeling by a dead man. CU of a young woman's crying face. CU of a child's skull. CU of a woman mourning with a civilian man in the BG. VS of an unidentified burning Ukrainian village; German soldiers walk down a road outside the village.

Translation of Russian narration: "Should we desist from showing the horror in this picture and not aggravate our souls with the contemplation of death? Let us be silent on Germany's numerous and unprecedented brutalities, on the sorrow of our mothers and on the crying wounds of our murdered children. Let us be silent on millions taken into slavery, on every fourth Ukrainian house that was burned and the endless ruins of our towns. We shall present humankind with just a very small piece of these captured crimes."

00:47:14 CU women's hair at Auschwitz. A group of people, mostly civilians with one member of Soviet military, walks into a warehouse at Auschwitz where sacks of women's hair are stored. CU of pliers. CU of dentures. CU of sacks with "Reichsbank" written on them. Hjalmar Schacht and Walter Funk on trial in Nuremberg. CU of victims. VS of a person [only his hands are shown] taking a smaller box from a bigger one, which is filled with golden tooth crowns, and round golden bars made of these crowns. The same person is showing a set of rings taken from victims. Written on a sack "Reichs". CU of Schacht and Funk again. CU of corpses at a factory in Danzig.

Translation of Russian narration begins mid-sentence: ... "utilized them, tore off victims' scalps. The hair went for mattresses in Germany. How many women had been killed in order to fill these sacks and packs? "K.L.Au. - 228. Kg.28" Dentures with golden crowns were extracted. Gold was taken to the basements of the Reichsbank. Here are these dentures. These are the golden teeth already turned into golden bars. Germans took blood and turned it into gold, and threw the gold back to keep more blood flowing. These are the rings torn off the hands of the tortured. Germans built a soap factory in Danzig. They made soap from corpses! Here is this factory. Corpses..."

Nuremberg, Germany
Auschwitz, Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Central State Film, Photo & Sound Archives
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:53
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