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Prewar family life in Saxony

Film | Accession Number: 1996.164.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2473 | Film ID: 2276

THE LIFE OF THE HESSENS AND THE ROSENSTERNS - NATUREFILM. THE HESSENS AND ROSENSTERNS BELONG TO THE CULTURED MAMMALIAN SPECIES LIVE IN INNER SAXONY. Map of Inner Saxony. EXT, apartment building, someone waving on the balcony. INT of home, table with flowers. EARLY IN THE MORNING, WOMEN SEARCH FOR FOOD. Albert Günther Hess's (AGH) sister-in-law Ilse Rosenstern and her son George walking. Street scenes. Woman entering a shop. 12:20 Clock. 1:35 Clock. Same woman exiting shop. MEN HAVE UNUSUAL APPENDAGES FOR AMBULATION. AGH working on his first boat. Automobile. Child on bicycle, scooter. THESE ARE CAMERA-SHY INDIVIDUALS FILMED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. Marie, the camera-shy maid. CAUTION. SINGING IN PROGRESS. INT of home, Alfred Roston, AGH's brother and Ilse's husband, singing. He was an amateur tenor who sang exercises for several years (He was also an avid hockey player). Playing soccer. Shots of cathedral from boat. Hermine Hess, AGH's mother, playing cards with her friends, many of whom possibly perished in the Holocaust (their names are unknown). Shots of boy and mother. Another boy mimicking AGH filming. MARIONETTE THEATER. Ursula, the oldest daughter of AGH's brother Manfred, and her friend enjoy a puppet theater presentation. AGH likely made the puppets. Her sister Luise is shown on the potty. Woman sewing. Ursula watering bushes in the garden. SOME IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD ARE QUITE WELL-KNOWN. CU, baby (Luise?). Scenes show Alfred resting, AGH working on his boat, eating ice cream and Alfred's wife Trude with a hankerchief. ONE SPECIES MAKES A MARK THROUGH UNUSUAL TALENTS. AGH working on his boat. END

NOTE: The titles are written jokingly in a pseudo-scientific manner.

Event:  1930
Pirna, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Marie Hammerling
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:19
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