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French resistance, street fighting; Liberation in Paris

Film | Accession Number: 1998.188.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3674 | Film ID: 2616

"Le Journal de la Resistance" Title: "Realise clandestinement et sans aucun moyen materiel entre le 16 et le 26 aout 1944 par une equipe de cineastes de la Resistance, ce film apporte a la France et au Monde un temoignange authentique sur la Liberation de Paris" View of Paris just prior to liberation. Empty street, trucks, Germany rebuilds, tank. Men running in street, hanging posters. CUs, various posters. Mobilization. Removing posters. FFI. Shots fired. MS, men's heads at window. Running, firing in streets, commotion. Automobiles with "Police." Sandbags. Buildings. Blood on sidewalk. Youth, armed. "Rue des Batignolles" Street fighting. Crowds. Confrontation with captured Germans, walking in street. Shooting. Inside building, organization type, making phone calls. Shooting, tanks, Red Cross emblem, street fighting, wounded in street. Pock-marked ceiling. Helping wounded, Red Cross. Flowers on pavement. More informal shots of young workers "organizing". "Samaritaine" Cutting down trees, constructing barricades, men, women, and children at work. Painting car. Arresting collaborators. "Police FFI" CUs, collaborators. "Fort de Romainville" Piles of bodies, barbed wire, where Germans shot men and women. View of the Seine. Heavy smoke from building. Wounded, heavily bleeding victims of resistance fight on sidewalk. More street fighting, tanks. Red Cross helping wounded. Fire, smoke. German prisoners. Soldiers on trucks and tanks riding through village, crowd cheering. More similar scenes, city streets, crowds. Removing signs. Group of men gathered at tank, looking at map. Tanks, street fighting, smoke, fire. Arc de Triomphe. Soldiers running, firing on city streets. Germans surrender, hands up, paraded through street. HAS, crowds on street. INT, De Gaulle speaking at microphone: "Nous some ici...Paris ontragee.. Paris in liberee." Applause. Crowds celebrating liberation in streets. Soldiers on tanks, cheering. Soldier speaking into microphone. Kissing women. Arc de Triomphe, De Gaulle. Presenting wreath. HAS, parading in streets. CUs, De Gaulle, spectators. Man hanging from lamppost. Celebrating liberation, waving flags, crowds.

Event:  August 16-26, 1944
Paris, France
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Etablissement Cinematographique et Photographique des Armees
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:40:04
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