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Buchenwald, Nordhausen, Hadamar, Ohrdruf

Film | Accession Number: 1998.188.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3681 | Film ID: 2617A

High pan of camp, barracks, open square. Survivors getting water from tank/truck, washing in canal, eating, cooking, pots, some are prisoners of war. Men eating. Fighting over food. Celebrating liberation. Posing for group photograph. "All Polish Greet the Fraternal American Army" on building. Men walking, waving, getting on trucks. Swastika chain link. Familiar faces of liberated men. Man with glasses, smiling, waving. Along road, striking at Germans passersby. Man with cane beating another, smashing windows. Captured Germans. Released women, cross on backs. Women cared for by medics, sick carried on litters, assisted with walking. Familiar faces of survivors in street clothes. Red Cross ambulances. Helping the sick, man laying on the street with hands in prayer. Corpses laying on street, barbed wire, CU. Man on stretcher lifted onto truck. CUs, young men, boys in loose white shorts. Children eating. CUs, survivors. Corpses. US army officer. 00:26:14 Hadamar, interrogation of doctors, poison bottle. CUs, mass graves and bodies. Removing corpses from graves, prepare for autopsy. US officers. Burned corpses at door of barracks. German soldier. Civilians forced to look at gas chamber. Charred remains. Civilians viewing lampshades, skin, deformed heads. Corpses on open truck. Corpses. Carrying/moving bodies, preparing for burial. Priest and jeep. Bodies lined in pit. More corpses. CU, club used for torture. Charred remains. Burned bodies in grotesque positions. Civilians forced to look at bodies. Corpses on open truck. Soldiers standing before pile of bodies. Gas chamber, crematoria. Bones. Charred remains. Survivors. Corpses. Barbed wire. Peasant woman standing at barbed wire, crying, holding hands in prayer. Demonstrating torture techniques for Eisenhower. Visiting Ohrdruf. Corpses. Mass grave, corpses. Cross.

Event:  1945
Hadamar, Germany
Buchenwald, Germany
Nordhausen, Germany
Ohrdruf, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Etablissement Cinematographique et Photographique des Armees
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:41:25
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