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Dutch war volunteers; Italian coast; German troops; Eastern Front; Russian prisoners

Film | Accession Number: 2003.476.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3713 | Film ID: 2636

Reel 2: Part 7 continued from Story 3712, crews take off. 01:11:04 Part 1, plane of Captain Leopold Fellerer (Knight's Cross) lands; he is greeted by other pilots. 01:11:37 Part 2, Italy: supply trucks of the NSKK underway with supplies, loading of heavy artillery shells on trucks; artillery position on the Italian coast; preparations of defensive positions; camouflage of a tank; enemy planes attack; anti-aircraft fire, German fighters attack; bombing, shot of stick of bombs hitting a ridge; a bomber is shot down; pieces of wreckage; fighter base; return of fighters; on leave at a ski area; pilots ski, relax, get in a snowball fight; in the Abruzzi, radiomen at their posts; mules delivering supplies to the positions in the mountains, snows. 01:17:43 Part 3, Eastern front: in the area of Vitebsk, digging a vehicle out of the snow; motorcycle and truck in snow, snowplow at work, horse transport, windmill, town, various positions, infantrymen clearing snow out of defensive trenches, already some thawing causing flooding and mud; trucks traveling through puddles; Russian prisoners are marched to the rear, tanks move up. 01:19:49 Part 4, Eastern front: attack of artillery, tanks and infantry through the snow, heavy Sturmgeschuetze in operation; dead Russians, destroyed materiel; infantry attacks, columns of burning houses in the dusk, German vehicles; burning houses in a village; tanks with mounted rocket launchers; rockets in operation.

Event:  1944 January 26
Production:  1944
Soviet Union
Vitebsk, Soviet Union
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:08:41
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