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Skiiers; US army maneuvers; West Point

Film | Accession Number: 2002.535.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3831 | Film ID: 2465

Skiers on a slalom course, a crowd is watching. This is a race, or competition of some sort as all the skiers are wearing large race numbers on their vests. VS, skiers taking the chair lift up to the top of the slopes. 01:02:04 Oceanside, there is a small wooden dock that juts out from the beach into the water's edge, waves, crashing against the dock, VS waves hitting the shore. MCU flagpole in the sand, camera pans up to show American flag. Large wood frame house on beach front, camera pans house and surrounding beachfront property, including CUs of flowers in bloom. 01:04:13 "Mechanized Cavalry Brigade 1939" title. "General Chaffee Commanding" title. US soldiers in a clearing, all in uniform, in BG various military vehicles are visible. 01:05:10 The cavalry brigade on bikes, in cars, tanks, etc. ride through town. All vehicles are shining and clean, this is a demonstration maneuver near the New York state military base. Local townspeople go about their business on sidewalks and in businesses, few civilians stop to watch the procession of vehicles. 01:08:24 "1939. West Point, N.Y." title. Rows of US military and vehicles. CU two soldiers smiling for the camera, horses of the cavalry divisions lead across a clearing. 01:09:20 Cars/military going past. Horses. 01:09:47 "Plattsburg Maneuvers 1939 C.O., 106th. Countryside Military" title. "Command Pos." Col. Higgins commanding. 01:10:16 "105th F.A. HQ" Military looking at maps while on maneuvers in the woods - signs on trees - EXO, CO. 01:11:20 Planes overhead. Dark shot in woods. Sign, 105th F.A. 01:12:02 US Army tents, soldiers relaxing, flag, army vehicles. 01:14:49 "New York City" title. Army vehicles, tents.

Event:  1939
New York, NY, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Pam S. Manix
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:45
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