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Robert Ley in Italy

Film | Accession Number: 2003.458 | RG Number: RG-60.3888 | Film ID: 2686

Black screen with the words: " Frontaufnahmen der Kriegsberichter: Elsaesser, Ertl, Hardacker, Huth, Hans Jacobi, Kester, Kramer, Meisenkothen, Oberhoff, Olesko, Paulsen, Rolf Richter, Schiffko, Waldmann." Presumably these are the names of the journalists/cameramen reporting from the front.

Heroic music. Celebration of 20th anniversary of the March on Rome, which occurred in October 1922. Troops marching, playing drums, at the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, which is where Mussolini's offices were and the location of the balcony from which he gave his famous speeches (not shown). Robert Ley arrives on a train, representing the NSDAP. He is shown giving Heil Hitler to Italian soldiers. Ley inside the Palazzo, bringing personal greetings to Mussolini from Hitler. Cheering Italian fascists as Mussolini and Ley make their way to an exhibition about fascism (sign in Italian reads: "Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista"). Mussolini shown leaving exhibition. The narrator identifies the man to the right of Mussolini as Parteisekretaar Staatsminister ??). Mussolini reviewing groups of fascist girls and women, in uniforms. He greets the "youngest of the fascist movement." Close up of a young girl then a young boy. Women in traditional costume, one of whom presents Mussolini with flowers. Mussolini is shown speaking animatedly to Robert Ley. Ends with the narrator quoting Hitler that Mussolini will elevate his people to a turning-point in history.

Event:  October 1942
Production:  10/29/1942
Rome, Italy
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of George R. Wheeler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:49:16
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