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Liberated Czechoslovakia: American troops greeted by joyful crowds

Film | Accession Number: 2004.724.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4106 | Film ID: 2735

Cheering crowds greet American troops. This appears to be the same location as footage found in Story 4380. Medium shot of a man in a crowd wearing a hat and holding a movie camera. The people around him are waving and smiling. 01:26:30 Shot of a slate which provides the date 4/7/45. Men and women standing in the street. Many of them are waving white handkerchiefs. One person is holding an American flag and another is waving a Czech flag. A man wearing a trench coat waves his hat wildly at the camera. A blonde woman in red smiles at the camera and waves. She is wearing the Czech coat of arms on her chest. 01:27:11 Military vehicles and tanks move through a street lined with waving and cheering people. People in the crowd wave American and Czech flags. The camera cuts to a reverse shot of the scene on the street and the vehicles move away from camera. There are Czech flags visible on some of the vehicles. Shot of two men wearing police/military uniforms. More crowd shots. Children in the foreground wave Czech flags. 01:30:02 Military men wearing white, blue, and red arm bands lead a long line of German POWs, one of whom carries a white flag. More crowd shots. A man in a hat and overcoat is yelling; others in the crowd spit on the ground, presumably in the direction of German POWs. Some in the crowd shake their fists. 01:30:36 An American soldier kisses the blonde woman in red from the previous scene. 01:31:07 People in the crowd run and walk out of the square and down the street, perhaps following POWs. More shots of tanks. The footage is very dark. A large crowd of people wave white flags. Street-level shots of American army vehicles with civilians riding on them. Shot of an American soldier and two women wearing ethnic clothing sitting on a jeep. More shots of a crowd in the streets smiling, waving etc.

01:33:09 Slate with a date of 4/8/45. The quality of the footage is not as good -- the colors are washed out and slightly green. Crowd of people waving. German POWs walk down a street. Civilians watch them pass. American soldiers with guns stand/sit by military vehicles 01:35:23 Civilians (ethnic Germans?) walk down a road carrying possessions. Rear shots of a tank driving down a street. Two men on bicycles ride behind the tank. People along the side of the road wave. More shots of tanks. Row of military personnel (Czech soldiers?) in black/dark blue uniforms, red lapels, and gold buttons with hats. More Crowd shots. 01:36:51 Street sign for Praha/ Prague. Vehicles drive down a road. German POWs walk down a road; some ride on horse-drawn carts 01:37:35 Shots of bodies by the roadside. Some are moving. POWs sit in a row on the ground. Shots of a town with American soldiers and civilians in the street . A Jeep drives by carrying wounded or dead POWs. A man turns a corpse over and examines it, then makes notes in a notebook. POWs lined up along the side of the road as tanks drive by. A long line of German POWs walks toward the camera. 01:42:42 A woman walks with the POWs. German POWs walk down a city street

Event:  1945 April 07
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:38
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