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Post war documentary on lessons to be learned from the Holocaust

Film | Accession Number: 2002.537.2 | RG Number: RG-60.3875 | Film ID: 2712

Scene behind open credits is a bustling city square. Still of man hanging from a telegraph pole. Famous photo of young boy and woman with their hands up during the Warsaw ghetto uprising, it is a Stroop Report photo. 01:01:39 Concentration camp. Writing on wall. 01:02:43 CU of letters. 01:03:14 Still photos of individuals. "Poruke". Writing on screen. 01:04:18 Still photos - people about to be shot, inmates on wire, men with signs around their necks stating what they are guilty of. 01:04:45 Stills of many bodies in mass grave. 01:05:20 Still of people hanging, firing squad, bodies. 01:07:08 Dead woman, blindfolded men attached to poles. 01:08:03 Pocket watch, boy in bed. Clock, fountains, swings, flower stall, park. 01:10:11 Trams, people on street. Girl brushing her hair. 01:11:20 Through window in house. Child sitting on floor. Photos. 01:12:25 Blackboard with writing on it. 01:13:10 Woman serving dinner - camp tattoo on arm. 01:14:00 Street, children playing. Inside house - portrait of man, photo of two children. 01:16:53 Outside - streets, park. 01:17:31 In house - photo of man, child. Dolls. 01:18:55 Countryside, mountains, woods, memorial, sky. 01:19:41 Door of building, plaque, names. 01:20:43 Memorial. Night time. Woman sits sewing. Various people in their homes (the houses we have just been into). 01:21:42 "Kraj".

01:21:52 Entire film (Reel 1) repeats.

**At this time USHMM does not have accurate information on the exact geographic locations of this footage.**

Production:  1960
Warsaw, Poland
Zagreb, Croatia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Public Institution Memorial Area of Jasenovac
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:02
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