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Jasenovac camp

Film | Accession Number: 2002.537.2 | RG Number: RG-60.3876 | Film ID: 2713

This short film presents the atrocities committed in Jasenovac camp and was filmed only a few days following the liberation of the camp. This version is missing some of the opening titles, but includes the credits.

Introductory statement scrolls by on screen: Ovaj dokumentarrni film sniman je poslije oslobodjenje sela I logora jasenovac. Snimke hoje prihazuju zatocenike I rad, snimali su ustase ranije s namjerom, da opovrgnu glasove o masovnom klnadu I mucenju, a nadoene su u filmskom ustaskom arhivu prigodom oslobodjenja zagreba. Podaci su doiveni od komisije za utvrdjivanje ratnih zlocina I prezivje...
[This documentary film was made after the liberation of the village and camp of Jasenovac. Footage including camp inmates and labor scenes were filmed earlier, by Ustasa, with obvious propaganda in mind. Their goal was to contest rumors of mass killings and torture that took place in Jasenovac. These films were found in the Ustasa Film Archives, after the liberation of Zagreb. The historical research and background information was provided by the War Crimes Commission and camp survivors.]

Description: CU image of a victim's face runs under the opening titles. The image of barbed wire runs under the title "Jasenovac", followed by images of piles of corpses while the rest of the opening credits fill the screen. 01:01:24 Aerial views of Jasenovac and the surrounding area. 01:02:32 Ruined town. CU of man. 01:03:21 Writing, corpse in background. 01:04:03 Many people walking. 01:04:40 Gate with sign - "Radna Sluzba, Staske Obrane. Abirni Logor Br III." Crowd of men. Clock. 01:05:07 Men, horses and carts. Forced labor outside, watch tower, pushing wheelbarrows. 01:07:01 Newspapers, bodies, mass graves, peasants, more bodies. 01;08:00 People, possibly prisoners, making tools; blacksmiths. Tower with man climbing it. 01:09:03 Military, carrier pigeon, bodies, town, corpses lined up. 01:10:22 rubble from a building, skeletons. Lake, fences, bodies in water. The number 840,000 comes up on the screen (number of dead?). Images of newspapers. 01:12:59 Woman crying, people with wreaths and banners, moe images of newspapers. 01:13:30 CU of men's faces. 01:14:01 Procession on street; the word "Svrsetak" comes up on screen.

Film Title
Production:  1945
Jasenovac, Yugoslavia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Public Institution Memorial Area of Jasenovac
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:47
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