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Jasenovac Camp

Film | Accession Number: 2002.537.2 | RG Number: RG-60.3878 | Film ID: 2715

Opening scene: color footage of visitors to the Jasenovac Memorial Area. Image switches to black and white footage of CU pan of a sculpture of a human form lying on the ground on top of smooth white stones. Ceremony: Military giving out badges and medals. An unidentified high ranking officer pins a male soldier as the soldier salutes him; MCU of women who have been awarded medals, standing in a row. MS of train tracks that are overgrown with weeds. 01:01:32 Countryside, pan of grounds. Slate reads: "Jasenovac Est./ Dan. 54A/1" The camera continues to pan overgrown train tracks and the surrounding ground. Slate: "Jasenovac 48A/1". Pan of Jasenovac Memorial Area. Still photos: CUs of men in uniform. 01:02:16 Writing on a wall, camera pans to a metal framework hung on a wall that holds weapons/tools of torture and death. Still photos of corpses. 01:02:57 Cuts back to color until 01:03:07. Pan of the river and a tree. 01:04:03 Village on the other side of the river; memorial wreaths on a tree. 01:04:41 Map of the Jasenovac camp complex. 01:05:50 Stills of the camp in the snow. Victims' personal belongings laid out on a table - toothbrushes, mirror, hairclips, scissors, pottery shards, metal scraps, textiles, perfume bottles, hair ornaments, etc. Repeat of shot. 01:08:33 LS of two herrings on top of a memorial mound, the camera pulls back to reveal more of the Jasenovac memorial area. Color footage of the large Jasenovac memorial statue which is visible in the BG of the shot, the camera remains fixed as groups of students pass in front of the camera on their way to visit it. Cut back to black and white image of the herrings on the mound.

Film Title
Jasenovac, Yugoslavia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Public Institution Memorial Area of Jasenovac
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:17:09
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