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German military and police units in W. Ukraine. Lvov occupied by Germans. Men under guard, Jews put on truck by police units.

Film | Accession Number: 2005.180.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4270 | Film ID: 2789

Reel 1: 00:05:14 Western Ukraine. Some scenes could be Lvov. German tanks move through a field; charred landscape. 00:06:02 Large groups of Ukrainian civilians look suspiciously at the camera. Small town; German tanks in the streets. Young girls hand flowers to Germans. Tanks crest a hill top, move through a village with thatched-roofed homes. A deep anti-tank trench. 00:08:05 Various shots in a damaged city; burned automobiles, corpses/dead horses lie in the streets. Camera pans across a wide landscape with a village and river, smoke in the distance. Inside and outside views of a church that has sustained heavy damage. Soldiers cross a makeshift bridge in the distance. Several views of a severely destroyed waterfront, debris floating on the water. Trucks cross a wooden bridge. Different angles of a large Soviet monument. 00:12:55 Garden display date (in Ukrainian): 1941 September 22. 00:13:27 German officers, tanks; small pigs. Close views German military men, eating in field. Destroyed farmhouse. Soldiers resting, CUs. 00:15:19 German police unit compelling men to work. Decaying corpse in a bed. Civilians digging large graves, burying bodies. Camera pans across a cemetery filled with wooden crosses. CUs of crosses; "Bazil Palyga +3. 5. 1941" and "Antonina Dziwoka +2. 4. 1941". Locals walk along a street with a Nazi flag flying from a building. Two men unload a coffin from a hearse. Decaying corpses, some naked, partly skeletal.

Reel 2: 00:17:49 Views of damaged buildings in a large city. 00:18:28 Signs, mainly placed by Germans: Bruno, Fuchs, Abschlepp Kdo., Werkst-Komp.1 AKR, one in Cyrillic (Ukrainian?) . Pan to more German military signs and place names: Pferdelazarett, Truppen Entgiftungs Kompanie, Sanitätspark, Kriegslazarett, Skalat, Podwoloczyska. Stadtkommandantur, Rollbahn Süd. Hospital interior, disheveled beds, cabinet contents dumped. 00:19:31 Building exterior, probably Brigidka prison in Lvov. 00:19:49 German military graves, helmets on crosses, names & dates, "Gefr. Paul Becherer - 9/ I. R. 421 gef. 25. 7. 41". More German graves on the side of a street in a city; a soldier looks at the graves. Germans shoot a cow with a pistol. Camera pans across different landscapes, showing bomb craters in a field. German soldiers resting by farm buildings. Soldiers advancing through a field. Fighting, explosions; Soviet soldiers surrendering with their hands raised. Swastika banners fly on buildings in downtown Lvov. 00:24:45 Panzer troops and others pulling down a statue/bust of Lenin and "hang" him from a pole. Soviet prisoners piled on German tank with "K" marking. Fighting in a field, tanks fire, machine gun fire visible. CUs of Howitzers firing. Soviet soldiers (?-women among them) wading through a marsh, being taken captive.

Reel 3: 00:29:13 Luftwaffe men closeup, sewing. A general in conversation with other officers. A large self-propelled gun carriage (Selbstfahrlafette) moves down a road. 00:31:33 Decaying corpses of Soviet soldiers in a trench. A destroyed Soviet bunker with a white flag on top, several views. 00:33:55 Lvov railway station; damaged buildings, bridges. Russian prisoners crowding a barbed-wire fence, stretching their hands out to receive food from German soldiers. 00:36:11 Concrete bunkers marking pre-1939 border between Poland and Soviet Ukraine, known as the Stalin Defense Line. 00:37:20 Tarnopol region. Road signs: Luck 107 km; Zamosc 54 km (i.e. Eastern Galicia). Pan to sign in Polish at side of road. Groups of Russian prisoners with their hands raised; marching with hands still raised; sitting on the ground. 00:39:09 Luftwaffe officer. 00:39:30 Railway line. Sign says 'Beware of moving train.' 00:40:02 Civilian men, many of them Jews, massed on ground as prisoners, guarded by German military and auxiliaries. 00:40:29 Lower right of frame, German Order Police (Ordnungspolizei) man with dark sleeves walks past group. Buildings in background. Some Jewish men loaded onto truck, supervised by uniformed Germans. Sicherheitspolizei (SIPO) officer with cap appears to be in charge. Probably part of an Einsatzgruppe unit (used in USHMM's Permanent Exhibition). 00:42:00 Wooden tower or derrick. Shots of hilly landscape.

Event:  1941
Soviet Union
Lviv (Lvov), Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:53
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