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Antisemitic propaganda of Jews in the ghetto

Film | Accession Number: 2004.715.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4335 | Film ID: 2746

Propaganda footage comparing rich and poor Jews in the ghetto. Footage showing naked religious Jews (first men, then women) bathing in a public bathhouse (mikvah). Good shots of people buying and selling all sorts of wares. Many armbands visible. Overhead panning shots of vendors at stalls, one with a sign reading "Lodu." Dirty courtyard of a house with children. 00:18:14 Men and women sunbathe by the Warsaw ghetto wall. Interior of a dirty, poor house with a large family, including a sick child in bed. 00:20:45 "Rich" Jews arrive at a residence where the door is opened by a maid. Interior of a clean, prosperous house where a woman sits at a vanity table and looks in a mirror and fixes her hair. People having tea and being attended by a maid. Camera pans around room and out of window, where the ghetto bridge and wall can be seen. Street scenes showing beggars, crowds. Vendors, two very small children lingering by a tray piled with baked goods of some kind. Commerce at market stalls. Woman in a patterned dress sniffs meat before it is cut. Man in stall weighs goods. CU, hands exchanging money. Pan of line of men sitting against a building, including an old white-haired man with a cane. Corpse lies along building. 00:26:19 Quality of the footage deteriorates. More street scenes with very emaciated children and adults sitting on the street as better-off people pass by. A religious Jewish man begs for money and then buys a piece of bread. More street scenes, children, shop owners. 00:29:39 A man doffs his hat for the German cameraman as he walks by. Children riding on the back of a streetcar. Shots of terribly thin disheveled people dressed in rags alternating with well-dressed people. 00:31:10 Interior of a house with very thin, sick-looking children. Street scenes. High angle shot, children in a courtyard.

Event:  1942/1943
Warsaw, Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Filmoteka Narodowa
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:21:35
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