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Captured high-ranking Nazis, including Goering, Galland, Kesselring, Bodenschatz

Film | Accession Number: 2005.515.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4453 | Film ID: 2808

An American military truck carrying several high-ranking German officers arrives at an airfield. The officers get out of the truck and board a C-47 plane. Good shots but it is difficult to see their faces. The plane taxis and takes off. Shot of the sky and a formation of B-17s overhead. Sign beside a road lines with trees reads: "Only Road Surface Cleared of Mines." Two young women walk their bicycles down the road as American military vehicles drive by. An American interrogator stands beside a German general. Close-ups of the general. 01:15:47 Luftwaffe general Adolf Galland is shown on the terrace of a house speaking to two American officers. 01:16:15 A slate identifies the cameraman as Captain Carter and the date as May 10, 1945. More shots of Galland and his "interrogator" on the terrace, having a seemingly pleasant conversation. Galland illustrates a point with his hands as the American watches. The NARA story card states that Galland is explaining tactics to the interrogator. Galland was a POW until 1947 but was enlisted to lecture to the British Air Force on air war tactics. Close-up of Galland's Ritterkreuz with diamond. 00:18:42 Two other German generals (Hans-Georg Seidel on the left and Rudolf Spies on the right) sit at a table on the same terrace, talking to an American Major. They all look at a map spread out on the table. Close-up of Seidel, then Spies. 01:20:09 General Karl Bodenschatz in civilian clothes. He stands talking with his hands behind his back and then displays the burns on his hands. He was in the room when the bomb meant to kill Hitler exploded on July 20th, 1944 and his hands were badly burned. 01:21:49 Field Marshall Albert Kesselring standing in front of a plane. He climbs into the plane. German civilians and American military vehicles on the street of a German town. 01:23:34 Another slate with the cameraman listed as Captain Carter and the date as May 1, 1945. Hermann Goering sits at a table out of doors with an American interrogator. A German shepherd wanders in and out of the shot. Good close shots of Goering. Close-ups of the Nazi eagle and swastika pin on his breast, and the epaulets on his shoulders.

01:26:20 Shots of a ruined building and a statue of Bismarck (?). A newspaper with headline reading "NAZIS QUIT!" has been attached to the statue. Aerial shots of the countryside and a river.

Event:  April-May 1945
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:53
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