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Hitler's visit to Rome, May 1938

Film | Accession Number: 2006.265.2 | RG Number: RG-60.4558 | Film ID: 2829

A group of Italian school girls, escorted by nuns, followed by a group of young boys in uniform. Uniformed men with feathered hats march down the street. Women in native costume. A panning shot shows a huge building surrounded by Nazi flags and a crowd of spectators behind a barricade. Uniformed young girls march down the street. Uniformed boys, some with rifles and some playing drums. Long shot of men on motorcycles as they perform some kind of routine on a large field. More marching men on the streets of Rome, followed by Hitler's motorcade. Hitler is briefly visible, as is Goebbels, who is riding in a car with Benito Mussolini. More shots of the parade and spectators; lots of Nazi flags are visible.

May 1, 1938 letter: "Here, as well as all along the route, from Boulogna down, Italian and German flags are flying everywhere -- The fascist emblem and swastika are everywhere and "Heil Duce" and "viva le Fuehrer" are painted large on every side."

May 1938 letter: "Rome is full of Hitler. The stores are closed, the streets are extravagantly decorated with German and Italian flags and emblems."

May 3 diary entry: "Rome...the whole city ablaze with banners and emblems of Italy and Germany.

May 4 diary entry: "...go down to Quirinale, which is on our street, right after breakfast and wait among a mass of people behind a double line of caberiniere [sic] to see Hitler and Mussolini drive out to-gether."

Event:  1938 May
Rome, Italy
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Stan Baker
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:18
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