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German women involved in war effort; woman wearing Mother's Cross greets her son; German army in France; Warsaw Uprising; action on the Eastern Front

Film | Accession Number: 2006.442.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4643 | Film ID: 2830

Cameramen listed on screen: Ammer, Berna, Garms, Grigoleit, Groeninger, Jaeckisch, Kilian, Lempert, Mahla, Pahl, Ritter, Selbach, Stollsteimer, Zeiss. Close up on an announcement requiring both women and men to register with the employment office. Women in an office page through piles of registrations while the narrator says that women must now enroll in the total war effort. Women must fill positions so that men can be free to go to the front. Shots of women operating drill presses, working in an armaments factory, and being trained as streetcar conductors. Women serving in the police and fire department.

01:02:57 One of the youngest soldiers who has received the Ritterkreuz [Knight's Cross] arrives home in Kaufbeuren for a vacation. The soldier greets Hitler Youth members, soldiers, and his mother at the railway station. The narrator details the actions for which he received the Ritterkreuz and points out that his mother wears the Mutterkreuz [Mother's Cross] or having given birth to 16 children, 11 of which survived. The young man visits his old mentor at a wood working shop.

01:03:39 An animated map shows the coast of France. Camouflaged German tanks travel down a road and anti-aircraft guns shoot at airplanes. Destroyed American tanks on a road. American soldiers, some wounded, are taken prisoner.

01:06:55 Warsaw under siege by the Germans during the Polish uprising in August, 1944. A man with his arms raised is arrested as the narrator says that he was found with English munitions. Close-up on a package labeled "Windsor cartridges." Shots of the bodies of resistance fighters in the street. General Stahel, the leader of the German forces against the Poles, is shown consulting with other officers. Fighting and destruction in the city, then shots of members of the Polish population being evacuated from the city "under the care" of the Germans.

01:08:57 German troops in action on the Eastern front. Tanks roll across a field, SS and regular troops look through binoculars, a view through the slit in a tank, German planes on a bombing run. New recruits prepare to leave for the front. They march through town with children running beside them. A train loaded with troops and materiel heads for the front; the narrator claims that such trains are leaving from every district in Germany. Sound cuts out at 01:13:35

Event:  1944
Censor:  1944 August 23
Warsaw, Poland
Kaufbeuren, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:22
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