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Sources of the Rhein river

Film | Accession Number: 2008.138.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4681 | Film ID: 2858

Line drawn map showing the course of the Rhein and the major cities along its route. The first title says that the Rhein originates in the Swiss Alps. Shots of clouds and snow-covered mountains. The next title says that the snowmelt from glaciers is the source of the river. Shots of rushing water flowing down from the glaciers. Title: The water streams from all slopes (?)." More shots of rushing water and valleys. Title: "Chalets are the indication of the settlements of the anterior Rhine." Small dwellings or farm buildings, cows grazing on a hillside, long shot of a small group of dwellings in a valley. Title: "Next come the [larger] villages." Shots of houses and villagers walking along a road. The camera focuses on a well or fountain, from which drips what must be river water. Title: "A second source river, the middle Rhine, runs through wild rocky gorges." Lovely shots of water rushing through a rocky channel. Scenes of the river shot from a train or car traveling along a road. Title: "Near Ilanz, the first Rhine city, the river has dug itself many hundreds of meters into the cliff face." Towering cliffs rise up from the riverbed. Title: "Yet a third Rhine source meets up with the anterior Rhein at Reichenau." More shots of the Rhein from a vehicle; misty shot of a boat on the river. An animated map indicates the location of Friedrichshafen, followed by shots of the city from the river. The Graf Zeppelin inside its hangar and in the air over Friedrichshafen. Low aerial shots of the city. An animated map indicates the city of Konstanz. Brief scenes of the city, followed by shots of Schaffhausen and the Rheinfall. Nice shots of the very strong and wide rushing water (where it empties into Lake Konstanz?). Scenes from Saeckingen and Basel.

Film Title
Rhein (Der Rhein)
Ilanz, Switzerland
Konstanz, Germany
Reichenau, Germany
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Basel, Switzerland
Saeckingen, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of William Haller
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:54
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