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Atrocities; liberation of concentration camps

Film | Accession Number: 2009.208.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4759 | Film ID: 2880

Propaganda compilation of graphic newsreel and documentary materials showing concentration camps as Allied cameramen entered between 1945 and 1946.

Opening credits: "An AF Film Release" (Actualites Francais Films); "Sterling Films" ; "Camps of the Dead / They need no explanation, no titles. Just look and be glad you live in America."

"Langestein [sic]" Langenstein: Corpses in open area, pits, doctors and other civilians, exhumation, lining bodies on soil.

"Ohrdrus [sic]" Nordhausen: Corpses, pits, VAR CUs. Two male survivors.

"Dachau" Soldiers at gate with eagle. CU sign, "Zentral Bauleitung der Waffen SS U. Polizei Muenchen Dachau" US soldiers. Removing corpses from lake. Barbed wire, barracks, survivors at hospital, CU tattoo, wounds. Female survivor walking towards camera, helped by two soldiers. VAR shots, pile of corpses. Crematoria. Men passing water buckets, pulling decomposed body parts from water. CUs skulls.

"Buchenwald" Clock tower, soldiers giving a tour of Buchenwald. Survivors in striped uniforms, cooking, CUs of their faces. INT barracks, CUs group of male survivors looking at camera. Showing crematoria ovens with a pile of bones inside. Demonstrating torture mechanisms. Civilians interview survivor. MS pile of bones. Corpses in pits. MS, civilians, taking notes, responding to atrocities. CUs bodies and skulls. LS, tattooed skin laid out on a table, some with ink drawings - man with hat, woman with hat -, lampshade, shrunken heads mounted on wooden bases.

Gardelegen [missing intertitle] Pile of bodies in doorway. Footage, some still photographs of various atrocities and massacres. CUs skulls. "The End / A Sterling Film"

Film Title
Camps of the Dead
Film Collection Title
Clayton E. Pysher Collection
Event:  1945
Production:  1947
Nordhausen, Germany
Dachau, Germany
Gardelegen, Germany
Buchenwald, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Susan Ottema
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:47:57
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