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Children play near the de Groot home and go swimming; extended family goes to Sonsbeek Park in prewar Arnhem

Film | Accession Number: 2009.341.2 | RG Number: RG-60.4841 | Film ID: 2878

Louis sweeps a sidewalk alley adjacent to his house with a push broom. Rachel and friend Nel de Booys, the daughter of the camera shop owner who kept these films for safekeeping during the war, carry one another in the alley as Louis sweeps (slowed down). They smack at each other playfully. They then carry Louis in front of the de Groot store on Rijnstraat. An older man and trusted employee of the de Groot family store, Herman Langenbach, carries Louis on his shoulders, flanked by the rest of the children. Louis and Rachel spent their first night in hiding at the home of Mr. Langenbach. Another shot of children walking towards the camera in the alley, including children of the caretakers of People's University near the end of the alley. Then, a young child is helped to walk by Rachel and another girl.

01:14:17 At the boulders in Sonsbeek, mother Sophia de Groot walks along the precarious path, recovering from surgery, probably in 1937 or 1938.

01:14:32 Rachel and Louis swimming in an indoor pool, Sportfondsenbad, on Boekhorststraat, one Sunday morning. They walk out of the building, two other boys of similar age stand next to the doorway entrance. Rachel and Louis sit down for tea with an older woman, Jet Salomon, the proprietor of a strict kosher store on Nieuwstad in Arnhem, who loved to spoil the children with sweets in her garden.

01:15:14 Louis's paternal grandmother, Rachel de Groot-Bloemendaal, in a black coat walks down the alley sidewalk in Spring 1938, and pushes the doorbell. She walks into the de Groot house. Sophia and her mother in law walk outside along the bank of a large pond with a fountain in it near the city street Jansbuiten Singel, probably in 1937 or 1938 when Sophia needed to take walks after recovering from surgery. They continue on to Park Sonsbeek with David Bloemendaal (the elder Rachel's brother) and his wife, walking along the boulder path, and then posing for the camera. The elders relax on benches along the path and enjoy a beer at the park teagarden, Thee Schenkerij.

Event:  1937-1938
Arnhem, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Louis de Groot
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:40
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