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Corpses discovered in Lvov

Film | Accession Number: 2009.356.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4987 | Film ID: 2886

Titles on screen: KRIGET I ?STER / Tyska Trupper besätta Lemberg. Triumphal music (no commentary) as the Germans enter Lvov. They are greeted by smiling and waving Polish citizens. Women pose with German soldiers. Title on screen: GPU:s sate i Lemberg The music becomes much darker and we hear the familiar soundtrack of the women crying that is used in the German newsreels about the Lemberg massacre. There is only a brief shot of the prison where the bodies of those murdered by the departing Soviets were discovered.

Title on screen: Anfallet gar vidare mot Minsk. Cheerful music plays as German soldiers on foot and in tanks travel along roads near Minsk (on their way to Minsk?). Battle scenes, airplanes on a runway. 02:28:25 Title on screen: Tyska trupper betvinga envist forsvarada motstandsnasten i Litauen German troops on horseback and motorcycle travel through a stream and over a furrowed field. Battle scenes. A title indicates that Vilna has been "liberated." Women holding flowers by the side of the road greet soldiers. A German flag flies in front of a government building in Vilna. Fighting in the vicinity of Riga. Germans cross a large body of water (Daugava River?). Civilians wave to Germans as they march down the street. 02:30:32 A young man with a camera is briefly visible. Title on screen. More fighting in the region of Jonava. Exteriors and interior of a synagogue. Brief shots of Jews, including one religious man. Footage is the same as that used in the Deutsche Wochenschau newsreel, Story 254. Title on screen. Fighting near Siauliai and Libau. German soldiers ride down cobblestone street on horseback and receive flowers from women. 02:33:05 German soldier (presumably a PK cameraman) uses a 35mm camera to film action.

Event:  1941
Production:  1941
Lviv (Lvov), Poland
Siauliai region, Lithuania
Vilna, Lithuania
Minsk, Soviet Union
Riga, Latvia
Jonava, Lithuania
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv
Record last modified: 2022-03-24 11:54:08
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