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Speer, Hitler and others inspect weapons

Film | Accession Number: 2009.356.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4999 | Film ID: 2887

R 1 of 3. Fuehrerhauptquartier Rastenburg (East Prussia) May 18, 1942. Albert Speer, Hitler, General Fichtner, Bodenschatz, Porsche, and others inspect some equipment and a map (?). The other men listen while Hitler speaks and gestures animatedly. The next title indicates that the location is now Goering's train and the date is 10 August [1942]. Footage shot from the top of the train as it travels. Men stand lookout on the top of the train. The train comes to a stop. Goering, Speer, Jeschonnek, Bodenshatz, and Milch stand talking beside the train. Title: Inspection of new weapons, 20 March [1943]. Hitler gets off a train and greets Wilhelm Keitel, Speer, Karl Saur, General Guderian, Kurt Zeitzler, Walter Buhle. Hitler, surrounded by a large group, inspects a large machine/weapon. A long shot shows the crowd assembled to look at the machine and the enormous size of it.

R 3 of 3
Fuehrerhauptquartier Rastenburg (East Prussia) Title: Demonstration of weapons for Hitler on 18 December [1943]. Hitler, Speer and others view tanks and different caliber shells. Some of the other men present include: General Holzhaeuer, Dr. Mueller, Porsche, Saur, General Buhle, Guderian, Jodl.

Fuehrerhauptquartier Rastenburg (East Prussia) on 7 July [1944]. Hitler stands in the middle of a group which includes: Himmler, Speer, Keitel. 01:43:07 Good CU of Hitler and Speer. A soldier bends over to demonstrate something and Hitler taps him on the back and smiles. Speer visits Reichsminister Julius Dorpmueller on 24 July 1944. Speer enters a nicely furnished room, opens a fancy box, and presents the Fritz Todt Ring to Dorpmueller. Ganzenmueller is also present. CU of the certificate that accompanies the ring.

Event Date
Rastenburg, East Prussia, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv
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