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Corpses after Russian massacre; bodies; Jews beaten

Film | Accession Number: 2009.356.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1239 | Film ID: 2887

"Agfa 1941" Overturned train. Exhumation of victims of the NKVD in Brygidki prison in Lviv in the summer of 1941. Laying out the bodies of officers and soldiers. Crowd gathered around bodies. (VQ, very soft, dark) Women poking at bodies which are being laid out in the courtyard, sweeping them clean? Woman running after and beating a man in the crowd. Soldiers pull her back and comfort her. Woman keening. A Ukrainian militiaman, recognizable by his armband, beating a Jewish man in Brygidki prison in Lviv. This was during the "prison action" of the Lviv pogrom of 1941. Many bodies laid out in foundation of building/basement. Scene change; different location. Pan around to bodies, some clothed, some with clothes partially torn off. Visible at edge of frame is a German/Nazi cameraman. LS, bodies strewn everywhere. MLS corpse with face shot off. Hat on the ground; suspenders showing. Bullet holes in the wall. Streaks of blood? LS, town, building facades with bullet holes and chips. EXT, large building devastated by fire. Military vehicles drive along the street next to the building riddled with bullet holes. Uniformed men stand next to building and rubble.

Event:  1941/1942
Baltic region
Lviv (Lvov), Poland
Soviet Union
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2022-03-24 11:50:55
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