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Mass surrender at Chemnitz; liberated POWs and DPs; Germans move out of Czechoslovakia; bomb damage

Film | Accession Number: 2010.479.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1263 | Film ID: 2902

Men overlook a factory. German prisoners walking on road, surrendering (part of the mass surrender of the German army around Chemnitz). One walks barefoot. Wrecked German vehicle. CU, U.S. 9th armored soldier, patch on shoulder. German in cockpit of plane as he puts his hands up. American officer frisks him. MPs take him away. German aircraft is towed with truck. German aircraft lands on American-held airfield. Long line of German trucks bring in surrendering army. German officer rides horse, surrendering, civilians on street. Men with horse-drawn vehicles come in for surrender. Men follow a mobile field kitchen attached to a wagon. German officer standing up in vehicle. Prisoners are towed by armored vehicle. Strafing. 01:39:25 Liberated British prisoners of war in a German town. CUs. Liberated displaced persons (DPs). GI with sunglasses talks to DPs. German aircraft in flight, landing on American airfield. German pilot surrenders. Pilot inspects German aviator. 01:41:08 Germans move out of Czechoslovakia - soldiers and civilians. Girl pushing bicycle holding dog on leash. Free French auto. German family on horse-drawn wagon. German civilians knock down road block. Timbers of road block as they are extricated from the ground. American officers salute the two star Gen. Troy Middleton (8th Corps). He looks over German prisoners. The staff car drives away. Camera shoots down a long line of German prisoners. German officers and soldiers on road, limping man. German kids play in German military staff car. Sign, "Achtung! Closed Season on All Germans." German soldiers sleep in a moving wagon. German officer and German girl ride horses along road. German officers talk with American officers. CU, German High Command officer. They talk over surrender terms. 01:44:35 CU, street in liberated Czech town, Czech flags flying from all windows. Russian soldier walks towards camera. American captain passes out cigars to Russian soldiers. CUs. Germans walk down street. CU, Russian soldiers again. French flag flies from wagon loaded with displaced persons. They walk along road dragging belongings. VCU, French flag. Children. Jeep carrying two stars drives away with American officers. CU, two star Gen. Middleton. CU as Gen. Middleton and Gen. Cullin (87th Infantry) talk over surrender terms. CU, SS officer. Gen. Middleton talks to an interpreter. 01:47:38 Bomb damage in Darnstadt. Wrecked German equipment, tanks. Plane flying overhead. Frankfurt airfield with flowers in FG and parked planes behind. Planes parked, buzz, taxi along perimeter of field, take off, land, etc.

Event:  April-May 1945
Chemnitz, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:23
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