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War victims; Flossenbuerg liberated; camp survivors and medics; women at Lenzing; burning belongings at 121st Evac Hospital; digging graves

Film | Accession Number: 2010.479.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1269 | Film ID: 2904

Removing bodies of victims from wreckage, mattresses, covering bodies with sheet. Pan up, body of victim hanging over wall. Civilians look at ruins and wipe eyes, mountain in far BG. CU American holds battered body of a girl.

03:00:56 (LIB 6355) May 4, 1945. View of concentration camp buildings. CU, sign, "Zugang zu den Krankenbaracken" with figurines. Barbed wire fence and guardtower surrounding Flossenbuerg slave labor camp. CU, bullet-marked and blood-smeared wall - the scene of executions in the camp. INTs, barracks/living quarters, dead prisoners. Steel grating over open pit, crematorium in pit enclosed by high stone wall. Charred bones of cremated victims of the camp. MS, horse-drawn carriage carrying caskets past concentration camp buildings. (See also RG-60.2012)

03:02:07 (LIB 6490) American and British military officers walking past concentration camp survivors. Camp and buildings in BG. Medical unit tent. Medic and military officer around fire preparing meals. Small ovens. INTs, medical tent.

03:03:16 (LIB 6462) Concentration camp. Barracks. Survivor crying. CU, emaciated body of camp victims. Pit of bodies in a forest. VAR CUs of corpses. Germans digging graves. Latrine. Improvised tent shelter of camp survivor, she sits on a bench and eats. Group of male survivors.

03:04:04 (LIB 6433) May 5, 1945. Group of liberated women from Lenzing concentration camp. More good shots of the women. Tattooed concentration camp numbers on arms of women. Women talking with a man and U.S. soldier with a pipe. (See USHMM Photo Archives for more images of Lenzing).

03:04:35 (LIB 6726) LS, pan of hospital in Linz, Austria. CU sign: "121st Evacuation Hospital S.M." The 121st Evacuation Hospital was responsible for the medical treatment of former inmates at Flossenbuerg, Mauthausen, and its sub-camps. Smoke rises from fire outside building. Group of captured German soldiers carrying cartons from building. Smoke from burning mattress and discarded (infested) clothing. Men (survivors) sitting outdoors with bundled belongings. Crippled survivor walking. Another survivor looks directly into the camera. U.S. hospital tent. Survivors lying on stretchers. INTs, emaciated camp survivors with blankets on shoulders. American medic unloading blankets and mattresses from truck.

03:06:10 (LIB 6596) Germans digging graves, coffins in FG, crowd of civilians watch. U.S. soldiers hold back the crowd. An angered civilian yells at one German digging. Laying flowers on coffins. U.S. soldier forces a man to jump into a pit to dig further. Women lay flowers on coffins. Burial services for concentration camp dead. CUs, crowd watching, including children and a soldier holding a camera. Lowering coffins and filling grave.

Event:  1945 May
Linz, Austria
Lenzing, Austria
Flossenbuerg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:43:35
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