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Dachau camp administration buildings and SS guards at roll call

Film | Accession Number: 2010.208.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1282 | Film ID: 2899

Color and black and white footage shot by a baker who supplied bread to the Dachau concentration camp and was also a member of the town of Dachau's amateur film club. See Stories 1283, 1284, and 1285 for related footage. Poor quality color footage showing the interior of the Dachau administration department. A man stacks and counts paper money at a desk. He gives a Hitler salute to someone off camera. 00:18:32 Quality improves. SS men stand outside camp buildings. There is snow on the ground and icicles hang from the gutters. 00:18:56 Film switches to black and white. A car pulls up to a gate and an SS officer gets out of the passenger side and walks through the gate. The car pulls into the gate and the driver and the passenger get in and drive away (several cuts in the film - it seems as if the driver drops the passenger off and later picks him up again).

A German officer and soldiers stand by a large truck, posing for the camera. Shot of various signs: "Aufbau und Leistung" and "Arbeit und Organisation Der Kant Verw. D SS-TV-KL" [Administration of the camp canteen?]. Poor quality CU of the Nazi eagle and swastika insignia, then CU of a framed portrait of an SS officer. Exterior of a large white building with two buses parked in front of it, presumably part of the camp's SS compound. 00:20:08 Color footage. Two SS officers and one man in civilian clothes stand next to a truck stopped on a road. Interior shots of two men lighting cigarettes. 00:20:32 Long shot of SS guards on a snowy field, identified by La Camera Stylo as "SS guards at training (the only existing shots of Dachau concentration camp before liberation). " The baker shot this footage with his 8mm camera one day when he was delivering bread to the camp. Barracks and other camp buildings are visible behind the guards. 00:20:47 Black and white footage again. A young man and an older man wearing a white coat walk through heavy snow towards a building. Snow-covered trees. A man, possibly the same man who was seen wearing the white coat, stands next to a car in the snow. Color shots (dark) of a heavyset man standing outside a perfume store. A man wearing a hat and overcoat walks toward the camera. There is a car and building behind him and a sign on the building reads: "Ablieferung neuer Wagen" [New car pick up location]. A man in an SS uniform walks toward the camera. There is snow on the ground and the SS barracks can be seen in the background. Long shot of several guards outdoors in the snow in front of the SS barracks.

Event:  1940
Dachau, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of La Camera Stylo
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:40:18
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