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U.S. soldiers at Berchtesgaden; marching in Munich; boarding trains with locals to go home

Film | Accession Number: 2010.481.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1314 | Film ID: 2919

Driving in the countryside around Munich (1945), now in the area around Berchtesgaden. Beautiful shot of the Alps mountains while driving over a river. Soldiers stop alongside the road and enjoy a moment in the sun. A convoy pulls up to the wreckage of Hitler's headquarters at Berchtesgaden. The camera looks down from the mountainside onto a large group of military vehicles gathered in the valley below. Mountain scenes taken from the Eagle's nest.

01:31:03 Soldiers hike in the mountains, then have a picnic on the hood of a jeep (1945). Views of the Isaar River in Munich. CU, archway with insignia and text. Soldiers (with the A Battery) are gathered in formation in city square, then march through city. Civilians walk about. Soldiers exit a church. CUs of a GI walking towards the camera. View of a large cathedral.

01:35:05 Soldiers heat a meal over a fire, using railroad tracks as a grill. GIs wait about at the train station, mingling with the locals/displaced persons, who appear to be packing up and heading out as well. Interior of train with GIs toasting. Loading the boxcars with civilian belongings (sign on a building behind the train reads "Mainz") and locals. The American soldiers march off to mess.

Event Date
Munich, Germany
Berchtesgaden, Germany
Mainz, Germany
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Frank Kenison
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