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Jews hiding in a nightclub in Amsterdam

Film | Accession Number: 2011.76.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1315 | Film ID: 2927

Film without text. An older couple stands and converses. An adolescent boy comforts a young woman [this scene is clearly acted out with the characters wearing stage makeup]. An older man then opens the door, enters the room, and converses with a girl. Several people arrive and are greeted warmly. They all wear yellow stars. INTs of the apartment. The table is set. A girl knits. People lounge about; others arrive. The boy and young woman look out the window onto the street below. Women carry food trays. Women in the kitchen, clipping rations, and washing dishes. One dish falls and breaks. 01:03:34 A group huddles around the bathroom sink with a hidden radio and celebrates. Sitting about, playing cards, reading. CU, signs/advertisements. Cleaning in the stairwell. A man delivers news to one young woman who cries. CU of the hidden radio and the group cheering. 01:05:39 Two men bathe, jokingly splashing each other and making faces at the camera. The adolescent boy walks around the dinner table wearing a necktie but no shirt, and very large mock spectacles. The others watch and laugh. Distributing canned goods. A clock shown passing the time with the name "Alcazar" on top. The group is gathered around the sink, listening to what is happening inside, and silently cheering whatever they hear. The boy with a New Year's hat toasts and drinks a glass of wine. 01:07:21 The adolescent now stands, professorial in a shirt and tie, indicating places on a map of Europe and gesticulating for the others. The men look out a window and take notes according to the time of day in a journal, and point again to a map. A wall is covered in newspaper headlines, including a full-page profile photograph of Hitler. CU of a drawing in a diary with "1943" written in big numerals (the rest is illegible). 01:08:36 The bell rings, and the old couple suddenly awakes; they fold up their bed, throw on their robes, wake the others, look out the window, and climb the stairs. The boy jumps up in bed, hair disheveled, looks at a clock, slides an armoire away from the corner, and directs the others into a secret doorway/compartment [it appears that they are staging a Gestapo raid]. He slides the armoire back into place and gets back into bed. Others scramble to hide under the stairs, and one in the oven. The group laughs. 01:10:55 MS, Leo Hess enjoys a big meal afterwards. A woman feeds the caged birds. Pan, everyone gathers in the dim light near a Christmas tree, drinks a toast, and sings as a choir. CU, photograph of an old man (Pieter Jelles Troelstra, the Dutch socialist leader. A miniature play is staged, introduced as "Leve de Koningin" [Long Live the Queen]. The guests wear hats with the years 1942 and 1943 attached. Leo Hess dresses in drag and performs a clumsy dance number. Another performs a clown/mime routine of sorts. 01:14:35 Very brief shot of a boy removing a Star of David patch from his clothing.

Event:  1942-April 1943
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Joods Historisch Museum
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:40:20
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