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German Army South moves into Lvov; roundup and beating of Jews; victims of NKVD massacre

Film | Accession Number: 2013.himka | RG Number: RG-60.1412 | Film ID: 2983

Tank leaves tire tracks in field. Brief shot of a caravan of vehicles on road, poles torn down, and tank overturned. LS, farm and fields. 00:04:34 Dark shots of troops marching along city road, silhouette of a gate and a village. A soldier knocks down the star from the gate. CU fallen star. 00:04:53 Troops march towards camera. Troops march into Lemberg. Good shots of civilians watching and cheering. The crowd parts for a military car (with camera on dashboard). 00:05:38 Various shots of the city of Lemberg, homes and buildings. 00:06:31 CU of a German officer smoking and talking to soldiers. 00:06:31 A woman hangs a public announcement poster. 00:06:38 Civilians decorate military cars with flowers. Dark shots of soldiers marching through Lemberg on cobbled streets.

00:07:11 Jews are marched through streets lined with a crowd of civilian spectators mainly on ul. Kopernika (today vul. Kopernyka). The Jews were rounded up on the streets and forced into the NKVD prison to exhume the bodies of "victims of Stalinist persecution." Violence breaks out and the civilians attack Jewish men and women. Bloodied men run away as thousands of viewers watch and German troops observe the attack.

00:07:56 Decomposing bodies of Jewish victims and prisoners executed by the NKVD before the retreat of the Soviet army are lined up on street. Civilians cover their noses and search among bodies. 00:08:32 CU of a victim's bound hands.

Event:  June 1941
Lvov, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of John-Paul Himka
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:20:07
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